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“Once You Go, You’ll Have to Keep on Going…” The #1 Skeptic Shout-Out about Chiropractic

The real secret to this myth is that once you get in alignment and your body can feel the difference, you actually may want to “keep on going” as they say.  I have been under chiropractic care for over 30 years now, and I was one of those who kept on going, not because I had to, but because its what made sense after the progress I made.  Who wants to go backwards?  I sure don’t!  Going back to seizures, migraines, poor posture, tennis elbow, knee problems, and the list continues…is not what people usually have in mind.  The fact is, I get adjusted because I have weaknesses and instability in my spine, as do so many others, and it’s a process, not a quick fix.

Today someone came to me and said, “Thank you for finding me at your spinal screeing, Dr. Tocco! I was looking for something to help myself out; I just had no idea that this was it.”  We are so quick to listen to mainstream hearsay and base our decisions on what’s commonly accepted around us.

Life is about choices.  If you choose to keep on going, YOU choose to keep on going.  Just like you don’t expect your dentist to fix your cavities in one visit, or your orthodontist to move your teeth in three visits, and building a better body in five trips to the gym.  The good things we do accumluate and, unfortunately, so do the bad.  No one complains about having to do many of the other widely accepted things like going to the dentist, eating good food, or working out.  Our practice members lovingly choose to come to our office; some of my patients have been coming 20-plus years!

My advice: Don’t let anyone keep you from going.  I was once a chiropractic skeptic myself, and said that I’d never go to one because they were “quacks”.  It’s true!  I believed it with every cell of my body.  Luckily, a kind, patient woman simply asked me, “What do you know about chiropractic?”  It was then that I realized I had made a decision about something I knew nothing about. The rest is history…

Healthy Regards,

Dr. Sam Tocco, Chiropractor

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