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20 Minute Best Pilates Video for a Leaner, Longer, Stronger Body

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Information 20 Minute Best Pilates Video for a Leaner, Longer, Stronger Body

Title :  20 Minute Best Pilates Video for a Leaner, Longer, Stronger Body
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Frames 20 Minute Best Pilates Video for a Leaner, Longer, Stronger Body

Description 20 Minute Best Pilates Video for a Leaner, Longer, Stronger Body

Comments 20 Minute Best Pilates Video for a Leaner, Longer, Stronger Body

Sally Thibault
Great workout! Excellent teachers!
Comment from : Sally Thibault

Brink Coaching by Evelyne Brink
wonderful workout ladies. Thank you!
Comment from : Brink Coaching by Evelyne Brink

"Eh.. thanks I guess."
- Kranad

Comment from : Milhouse

Cine vine de pe google classroom
Comment from : Ionut

That was an amazing workout for such a short time. Well done and thank you
Comment from : C-ur-able

faye fa
side plank cant do olz guide how to do it properly
Comment from : faye fa

Mikayla Frueh
im here for school...
Comment from : Mikayla Frueh

Priscilla Scott
I absolutely LOVE you guys, Jen & Jackie! I feel so energized after I do this workout, ready to take on the world. I do it daily (addicted, lol?) and can already feel the difference - physically, mentally & emotionally. Thank you both so much!.
Comment from : Priscilla Scott

Great workout! Thanks
Comment from : vivamendez01

Caroline Mary
Thank you for the class.May I suggest that you vary the music.Terribly repetitive and disturbing rather than pleasant
Comment from : Caroline Mary

Once I had free pilates class and I was the fattest person there 😞.
Comment from : newinhaven

Thank you so much , great stretch pilate exercise!
Comment from : weiweivivianyen

Elisabeth K
great exercise, thanks!
Comment from : Elisabeth K

Evelyn Cornell
I have done Pilates for 20 years, this is video is especially hard on joints, especially wrists and knees. If you have arthritis, not the best.
Comment from : Evelyn Cornell

Louise Pemberton
Thankyou so much for this work out which is a god send during the lockdown. I'm in London and missing my regular Pilates classes. This definitely stretched me in all the right places. Thank you for putting this on line x
Comment from : Louise Pemberton

Daily Bread
Clear speaking, professional, caring, humble, sincere...nice job! I am glad to find a Pilates class with no yoga terms! I’m here for Pilates, period. Thank you! God bless you both! Keep it up!
Comment from : Daily Bread

Kaye Lycos
Do you have more Pilates like this I love it
Comment from : Kaye Lycos

Chuxia Huang
So hard!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Chuxia Huang

Catherine MALPASS
I tried this out and really liked it! Please can you guys do ore vids to help everyone in this very tough time
Comment from : Catherine MALPASS

Michele Leibundgut
You guys are the best! Thank you.
Comment from : Michele Leibundgut

Deborah Goldman
Just did this workout since i can’t use the gym and I really enjoyed it! I’m going to add this to my weekly workouts. Thanks
Comment from : Deborah Goldman

Kirsten Angeles
I literally had no idea this would be so hard
Comment from : Kirsten Angeles

Why did this get set for my homework 😂
Comment from : CSOMUFC12 !

Amal Awad
My first day looking forward to tomorrow morning.
Comment from : Amal Awad

Sarah grant
I've tried many pilates workouts since Covid19...this one is THE BEST! Thank you both....more?
Comment from : Sarah grant

Lesley Ann Chowen
National theatre live screening
Comment from : Lesley Ann Chowen

More Love
Omg that was hard!! Lol thanks for the work out!❤️
Comment from : More Love

robert Ivan
I do this everyday since covid-19 quarantine. By day 5 i was getting stronger 💪
Comment from : robert Ivan

Gaylene Salina
Like everyone, I am at home doing my workouts....I found this short video very effective....Feels like I did something, I will keep doing everyday
...thank you.

Comment from : Gaylene Salina

Ulea Bayani
the toughest 20 minute pilates I've ever had. .. many thanks ladies!
Comment from : Ulea Bayani

shirin azadi
it was perfect for full body.thanks alot
Comment from : shirin azadi

Mary Ellen Wasielewski
its been years since I have done Pilates. day 1 tough but after 20 min, feel taller,stronger.
Comment from : Mary Ellen Wasielewski

Eileen Connolly
I totally love this work out. It gets harder as you do it more often. look forward to it every morning during our lock down. Thanks Jenn and Jackie. My daughter and I love it.
Comment from : Eileen Connolly

Lynne Cook (LVK)
That was fabulous. Just tune out the music and think about the instruction. Will be back for 3 a week.
Comment from : Lynne Cook (LVK)

Have tried various online classes but this is one of the best thanks!!
Comment from : CINDY CHONG

Claudia Warga
My first time doing pilates. This was a great and challenging workout
Comment from : Claudia Warga

Monica Morais
Great video!
I like the flow, instructions and the studio.
Good job girls, thanks for sharing.

Comment from : Monica Morais

thanks you for this... my quarantine will be nicer now...
Comment from : catalinavilcu

zoe valente
Got a family group session with joe. lovng it live keepfit
Comment from : zoe valente

Lesley Evans
Great video, please do more ! Everyone is self isolating right now . Tough times . We need to keep moving . Thanks
Comment from : Lesley Evans

Yasmin Ferrari
Excellent thanks we need this now that we are on lock down from London
Comment from : Yasmin Ferrari

Jadranka Gojtanic
Great approach, girls! Please, could you add more of 20, 25, 30 and 45 min pilates videos?
We need it now more than ever. Thank you!

Comment from : Jadranka Gojtanic

Janice Phillips
just found this, I'm going to give it a try this afternoon and if I like it I'm going to share with our 50 odd staff also all stuck at home! we miss our weekly pilates and yoga!!
Comment from : Janice Phillips

Sharon chisholm
Comment from : Sharon chisholm

Dina Stogsdill
Its not pilates workout , can call it preparation exercises for pilates mat workout for beginners.
Comment from : Dina Stogsdill

Angelina Thompson
great workout - any chance you can repost without that irritating music! 3 times a week of that holding noise will be worse than quarantine! Your voice is great - and does the job perfectly. Thanks!
Comment from : Angelina Thompson

Maria Kordyukova
Thank you so much, ladies!! Greetigs from a Russian in Berlin during Corona-virus-times.
Comment from : Maria Kordyukova

Shari Sweeney
Hi! I'm a Pilates instructor who's stuck at home because of the COVID19 situation & just found your video. Love it! The perfect amount of challenge -- I think my glutei will feel it tomorrow -- and if it's ok with you, I may steal a few of your cues for when my state allows gyms to reopen. Thank you.
Comment from : Shari Sweeney

Ina Fina
Definetely not for beginners
Comment from : Ina Fina

Annie Preston
Excellent workout, used to working at gym classes, unable to go because of Covid 19 as I’ve got asthma. Thanks for keeping me motivated. Annie
Comment from : Annie Preston

Neema Devi
Loved it
Comment from : Neema Devi

Thank you!!
Comment from : Hideouthill

Janie Rodriguez
This was great. You provided great instructions to follow you. 🙏🏽.
Comment from : Janie Rodriguez

Swathi Dsouza
Oh man !! I was sweating it out !! I LL do this atleast four times ....thanks guys !
Comment from : Swathi Dsouza

I was dead at the planks already
Comment from : kardhal

Meeks Vijaykumar
More more mooorreee!!!
Comment from : Meeks Vijaykumar

Rinna ya Rinna
at first I thought it was easy, in fact I started to give up on side plank..😆
Comment from : Rinna ya Rinna

Nihan Aksoy
Awesome 👌 I’m out of breath .
Comment from : Nihan Aksoy

Terrific exercise, I just love both of you
Comment from : LYF

I have been using this workout for 6 weeks now and I can honestly say it has made such a difference to me. Thank you so much! My chronic back pain is ninety eight per cent better. My spine will never be perfect because I have degenerative disc disease but the workout has made my muscles strong eliminating the pain I used to have. I'm 65 years old and will continue to practice forever! Thanks again Jann and Jackie you are truly professional.
Comment from : BLIND ARTIST La La

fauza mansoor
i am 55 with knee pain.but i will definately do this.
Comment from : fauza mansoor

fauza mansoor
so interesting and easy to follow.
Comment from : fauza mansoor

I loved it! Thanks!
Comment from : Vikawesome

Sufiyah Assegaf
Really tired wuih good
Comment from : Sufiyah Assegaf

Tatiana B
Thnx u a lot of your job !!!!
Comment from : Tatiana B

Naara Collett - do essentials lifestyle
This was awesome! A challenging and really good workout. Thank you!
Comment from : Naara Collett - do essentials lifestyle

0:53 start
Comment from : qotine

Thank you for this great workout. I'm 65 and have suffered with back pain for years following an injury. I'm familiar with yoga but have not tried Pilates until I found this video. I've only done it twice and my muscles really know it! And it's only 20 minutes long. I found it challenging but it will make me a lot stronger. Just what I need.
Comment from : BLIND ARTIST La La

Arlene McEachron
Love, love this!
Thank you both for this great video 👍

Comment from : Arlene McEachron

Francine Richards
Totally engaged. Thank you
Comment from : Francine Richards

Helen Emond
This workout never gets old. Ever ... So effective. Love these ladies
Comment from : Helen Emond

ibrahim faiz
Thankyou!great workout
Comment from : ibrahim faiz

Is this for weight loss? If so how many times a week for weight loss?
Comment from : scarlet132011

Kaye Lycos
Love your workout. Do you have more Pilates like this? Kaye from Australia.
Comment from : Kaye Lycos

hazel collins
Alan Herdan
Comment from : hazel collins

Julie Evans
Girls PLEASE do more of these!!!!! Your workouts are awesome!! Would love a full butt and full ab workout. Hope to see you soon xx
Comment from : Julie Evans

Jo R
Is this ok to do with a bad back? Slight bulge in my L4/L5 which causes sciatica occasionally
Comment from : Jo R

Kristin Chiles
I would consider this more barre than pilates.
Comment from : Kristin Chiles

Sarah K
This is gd and firing. As for the breathing technically for the exercise at 19:23, can we switch breathing?
Comment from : Sarah K

Talia Weinbrg
Thanks Jen & Jackie. I really enjoyed your video and workout style. Please post more!!
Comment from : Talia Weinbrg

Angela Beck
Loved it!
Comment from : Angela Beck

Amreen Shaikh
Excellent workout ots really works
Comment from : Amreen Shaikh

Myrtle J. West
Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down. I highly recommend practicing yoga with ULU Yoga. @uluyoga #uluyoga #yoga #yogateachertraining
Comment from : Myrtle J. West

Cobby Barzillai-Vandapuye
My first time trying it and I can say it's simply the best. Works the whole body. I'm literally shaking! But I love it! Thank you so much. 😘
Comment from : Cobby Barzillai-Vandapuye

Avani Jagat
How can beginner do this
Comment from : Avani Jagat

Huabing Liu
Comment from : Huabing Liu

thax ladys, happy monday
Comment from : KaukoC

Pippa hicks
My husbands just started this workout.He wants to lose 40lb..
Comment from : Pippa hicks

Zoe Brannagan
The beginning of the video looks so harmless but you’ve packed a lot in! Thanks!
Comment from : Zoe Brannagan

Asha Pathki
Hey I got cramps in my thighs , top side after the side squats.... what am I doing wrong ?
Comment from : Asha Pathki

Paige Squirrell
What exercise can I do instead of the hundreds? I’ve been told it’s not good when suffering from a mild prolapse.
Comment from : Paige Squirrell

Own Urjourney
Weldon girls best workout ever
Comment from : Own Urjourney

Ellen Diane
nice instruction - more modifications need to be added-
Comment from : Ellen Diane

Julie Davison
What a great short workout but with so many powerful exercises . Wow ......Feel I got a good workout deep into all muscles groups !!! Grateful for the water break :))) can't wait to recommend to my friends , Thankyou
Comment from : Julie Davison

Thank you- a nice, clear, good Pilates workout
Comment from : INSPIRITION

Rika Sugiyama
love pelatis
Comment from : Rika Sugiyama

Lepatriinu Triin
I dont understand. am I right , that with pilates I cant lose my waight? If I want slim waiste then I have to do something else..
Comment from : Lepatriinu Triin

Irina Andrea
Annoying voice😨😨😨
Comment from : Irina Andrea

Helen Emond
Awesome class. I am doing this 3 times a week. Wow getting stronger. My arms are looking great and my legs strength is getting there. Really working on good posture for each exercise. Thank you ladies.
Comment from : Helen Emond

Ellie B
Fantastic workout! Thank you
Comment from : Ellie B

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