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Shakti Reviews | Pilates by Sonia Lulla | Nritya Shakti

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Information Shakti Reviews | Pilates by Sonia Lulla | Nritya Shakti

Title :  Shakti Reviews | Pilates by Sonia Lulla | Nritya Shakti
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Frames Shakti Reviews | Pilates by Sonia Lulla | Nritya Shakti

Description Shakti Reviews | Pilates by Sonia Lulla | Nritya Shakti

Comments Shakti Reviews | Pilates by Sonia Lulla | Nritya Shakti

Shakti ma'am you are the best and you are so cute..🀩🀩

Himadri Saikia
Hii Mam...u are adorable...
Comment from : Himadri Saikia

ΰ¦‡ΰ¦šΰ§ΰ¦›ΰ§‡ ঘু঑়ি
Oooo good.so nice
Comment from : ΰ¦‡ΰ¦šΰ§ΰ¦›ΰ§‡ ঘু঑়ি

Geeta geeta
Comment from : Geeta geeta

Aromal R
So cute
Comment from : Aromal R

Ramnath Gunjal
Comment from : Ramnath Gunjal

anand a
Over acting always....this not reality show....
Comment from : anand a

Like to Comment

Comment from : KT. STATUS

Tm ad. [Thinking BoSS]
Madam !
You also have to eat to get πŸ’ͺ strength πŸ’ͺto be strongπŸ€› !

Comment from : Tm ad. [Thinking BoSS]

Pratisha Dash
Where is the sports bra from its awesome. Please tag
Comment from : Pratisha Dash

Nimmi Sahu
U r amazing mam
Comment from : Nimmi Sahu

Laboni Das
I am a dancer too and you are my favorite dancer πŸ–€
Comment from : Laboni Das

Ghanshyam Bhaliya
Love you shakti mam
Comment from : Ghanshyam Bhaliya

Sr M
Had u been in abcd, u would have outshined Shradha...not to pamper but those on tv they polish their acting skills really well. U r beautiful, sweet n dance toh so well, please think about acting, I m in nostalgia of D3
Comment from : Sr M

Godson Stephen
I didn't know you are so cute, Shakti
Comment from : Godson Stephen

Shanta Islam
Comment from : Shanta Islam

Posa Yoga & Art Hub
I teach more better pilates with more fun
Comment from : Posa Yoga & Art Hub

Bhabani Rani Panda
Comment from : Bhabani Rani Panda

Lokesh Ratawal
acting krne ka vichar h ab apka
Comment from : Lokesh Ratawal

Abhishek Kr.
Shakti mam! Dance plus dekhne Ka man nhi karta hai Aapke Bina..

Remo Sir be Bola tha street dancer me aap bhi rahogi...par aap nhi ho... Feeling very bad ....

Comment from : Abhishek Kr.

Satya prema
Love u sakti
Comment from : Satya prema

Hiit reviewwww
Comment from : A1s2h

Zumba review
Comment from : A1s2h

Asher Azeem
1:45 great sakhti. Weldone.
Comment from : Asher Azeem

Asher Azeem
Sakhti ka sath Remo na zayadti ke ha. Us ko kise movies ma ne liya. Us ko dance plus sa hta dia.
Comment from : Asher Azeem

Surbhi singh
Mam please come back to dance plus
Comment from : Surbhi singh

m 15
Remo ne hakaal diya ise
Comment from : m 15

sarwat 13
I thought this would be a walk in the park for dancers
Comment from : sarwat 13

Shusma Zea Sea
Comment from : Shusma Zea Sea

Vishal Sharma
Challenge accepted..
Comment from : Vishal Sharma

Hiral Jain
Mam you are looking so cute
Comment from : Hiral Jain

lawana hemant
Good to see you doin hard work Shakti mam🀘 I also do it at gym and people with big biceps and triceps Got shocked πŸ˜„ while I was doin it at gym yeah..and one more I would like to suggest u that can u try one more exercise is that
Just sleep on met straight then pull up your legs slowly on vertical at 90° then pull down over your head gently and hold it for 30 second and put you hands touched on opposite direction of legs then release it wisely again...that will boom up your flexibility at next level☺️🧘

Comment from : lawana hemant

apurva kumbhar
I love the bonding of mohan sisters.....Love u all 4 of u sis
Comment from : apurva kumbhar

apurva kumbhar
I will definitely follows this Pilates
Comment from : apurva kumbhar

Balchand Shah
Review urban hip-hop
Comment from : Balchand Shah

Neha Rai
It's a request plz upload a series of fitness regime
Comment from : Neha Rai

rukmini pradhan
U r so cute.... πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’“ #Big fan of ursπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ˜‡πŸ”₯😘😍✌
Comment from : rukmini pradhan

BABA Honey
Sonia maam 101% πŸ’ͺ🏻 full on power bank
Comment from : BABA Honey

Muhammad Ali
So funny
Comment from : Muhammad Ali

krutika veshvikar
Any classical
Comment from : krutika veshvikar

Renu Garg
Please reviews for class belly and twerk
Comment from : Renu Garg

Ruki sen
Iso urban animation by dennis Anthony or latin fusion by gunjan dhagat or world fusion by pooja kannan .. any of these please please
Comment from : Ruki sen

Dhanashree DJ
You can review Zumba class
Comment from : Dhanashree DJ

Dekho tumi
Comment from : Dekho tumi

Dekho tumi
Gulu bulu Shakti ma'am
Comment from : Dekho tumi

himanshu ingole
Next class mam break dance class please
Comment from : himanshu ingole

Comment from : Ashwini

i love shakti
Comment from : CHISTY BOys

NavNeet Kaur
So FUNNY 🀣🀣🀣
Comment from : NavNeet Kaur

SR Paytm
Shakti Mohan Ka like.
Comment from : SR Paytm

channel s
U r very hardworking...why did you stop dance+
Comment from : channel s

Mr. Lusyang
Hard work πŸ’ͺ
Comment from : Mr. Lusyang

Mr. Lusyang
So funnyπŸ˜‚πŸŒΉπŸŒΉβ€πŸ™ˆ
Comment from : Mr. Lusyang

Only for Sangram
Comment from : Only for Sangram

Only for Sangram
I am Odisha
Comment from : Only for Sangram

Only for Sangram
Hii madam please reply
Comment from : Only for Sangram

Lucky Saeed
Comment from : Lucky Saeed

Poonam Gupta
Comment from : Poonam Gupta

Vedik Shrimali
First comment like fan of shkati and reply fan of mokti
Comment from : Vedik Shrimali

vaishnav ravi
Hyy shaktii
Comment from : vaishnav ravi

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