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I Did 30 Days Of Barre Workouts & This Happened..

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Information I Did 30 Days Of Barre Workouts & This Happened..

Title :  I Did 30 Days Of Barre Workouts & This Happened..
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Frames I Did 30 Days Of Barre Workouts & This Happened..

Description I Did 30 Days Of Barre Workouts & This Happened..

Comments I Did 30 Days Of Barre Workouts & This Happened..

Anney RN
I wish we had more content like this instead of the stuff we see on TV. I've been doing yoga for the past 10 years. I think this pertains to about any workout, but it's so empowering. Even on my thicker days, I do love myself and my body too. To think that you have to have a "celebrity's body" to be loved by someone is not true at all. Thanks for sharing :)
Comment from : Anney RN

What happened: a whole video promoting tampons. You barely talked about Barre
Comment from : AS W

Loving Home Barre Workouts, making a few of my own now there's time to! Way more fun than just counting star jumps & burpees!
Comment from : ShannanRaee

Bobby Jesionek
Great toe doll.
Comment from : Bobby Jesionek

erika Christensen
You are an inspiration
Comment from : erika Christensen

Celtic Blair
How long were the classes 30 minutes, 45 ,an hour?
Comment from : Celtic Blair

Regina Philangee
I love your body. You make me feel proud about being a member if the itty bitty booty committee 😁😁😁 fellow sister
Comment from : Regina Philangee

meena La Regina
Hi! I am so impressed! Bravo! I am doing online barre classes and it is keeping me in shape. I miss my hot yoga class and intend to combine both workouts:)
Comment from : meena La Regina

I think sometimes you feel more confident when you realise what your body is able to do. And not what it looks like. I love this video♥️
Comment from : A

thitirat b
This content is amazing
and you are super cute

Comment from : thitirat b

M Kreis-S
Amazing you made this last year, barre is perfect for home workouts like we’re all forced to do now
Comment from : M Kreis-S

Savannah Smith
This video really captures my relationship with barre. I hated working out until I discovered it.
Comment from : Savannah Smith

Tamika G
She’s not fat
Comment from : Tamika G

mari safari
This is a real thing we learned in our non verbal comm class on studying body awareness!! Honestly love this vid so much because like if we work HARD for being healthy and strong, we can appreciate and thank our bodies for what they do and it improves body image a ton! When we are in tune with our body it actually gives us a more realistic body image and awareness of physical boundary instead of having a bunch of negative feelings attached to it! Using our body more = loving our body more!!


Comment from : mari safari

Elizabeth Seiden
Beautiful body!😍💝
Comment from : Elizabeth Seiden

Texas Trinity
You looked fantastic before too!!
Comment from : Texas Trinity

This Girl is truly beautiful! Great video
Comment from : Vicky

Saskia I
I once did 46 days straight of barre class. Totally worth it! I didn’t lose weight, but my body lost inches because it got sculpted. I stood up straighter. Hope this helps someone.
Comment from : Saskia I

Your comments about your results sincerely helped my mental health today. You had the right perspective. Thank you ❤️
Comment from : SJFoss

Mindful Creations
girrrl that brand of tampons is so bad for you- leads to pcos, infertility, and other reproduction system issues. always get organic tampons free of pesticides and dyes! (same goes for condoms dont get regular brands the only nitrosamine free condom right now is by this brand called sustain) to all the ladies! be mindful of these products.
Comment from : Mindful Creations

sarah gordon
you are so REAL, love it, its how you FEEL, i love barre:)
Comment from : sarah gordon

J.E. Cox
Can they create a non applicator tampon? If you've ever seen a wave of applicators wash up on a beach, you will never use them again. Love the blog, great message about doing 30 classes in however long it takes... and switch to a menstrual cup!
Comment from : J.E. Cox

kaylan gouldsborough
I love you underwear set you’re wearing in your before and after vids! Can you share where you get em?! 🥰
Comment from : kaylan gouldsborough

julie lowery
How many days did you do in a week? Can you do barre everyday? Thank you!
Comment from : julie lowery

Tuti R
I really love it !! ..by far the most realistic result.❤
Comment from : Tuti R

Manu John
Sick lady..........sooo sick lady
Comment from : Manu John

I did 5 classes. I also ate a whole chicken every day. What is an India? +/- Case sensitivity does matter in philosophy. A germ. Obtuse purple is veridity.
Comment from : spadaacca

Cecilia Esmeralda
I saw a difference!
Comment from : Cecilia Esmeralda

I love your mental change! Came here because I know virtually nothing about barre but I want to try it. Definitely going to now!
Comment from : kimikoifish7

Ronald Delmonico
You just wasted 30 days. Accept your mom bod.
Comment from : Ronald Delmonico

Beauté Bien-Etre au Naturel
Really liked your video, so funny 😊 Good for you ! I like Barre workouts very much 👍 Have a nice day !
Comment from : Beauté Bien-Etre au Naturel

John Adan
Nothing wrong with your body 👀😉
Comment from : John Adan

Lucy Chambers
This was so great! I am a barre instructor and I've loved barre for 20 years! Even 3-4 classes/week would bring results. This was quite an achievement!
Comment from : Lucy Chambers

Jasmine G
her editing is so good lol
Comment from : Jasmine G

Nadia S
tampon paid commercial tucked into barre class experience-alleged . she prob switched outfits, took shots of self in different b/grounds all in one day -and here we have it :' 30 days of barre" allegedly.
Comment from : Nadia S

To loss fat you always have to eat right ! Without the right “diet” you won’t see the results you expect! LowCarb is the way to go for this
Comment from : RABEA

Tampons in the USA looking gigantic 😶
Comment from : RABEA

You have no cellulite even when you said you hadn't worked out :( so lucky
Comment from : A C

Good Morning Good Afternoon and Good Night
LOL that is telling world your on rag. No jk understand what you mean working out helps ppl think better bout there self but think seen some better body change in you so did you keep wor outs up until now?
Comment from : Good Morning Good Afternoon and Good Night

Vivek Dharmaraj
thanks for the cake
Comment from : Vivek Dharmaraj

Marissa Schultz
Thank you for your honest content! I started doing barre a month ago and I love going to my barre studio, I enjoy the community. And we just started 20 classes in 31 days challenge, and I did the first class today, and I'll be going tomorrow, and I cannot wait.
Comment from : Marissa Schultz

Renaissance Siren Shere
Awesome! I’m getting back to Barre after about a 2 years injury and depression from life and death of my brother last April ( it’s been hard) so I’ve gain weight and feel like a sloth ! I did a Barre class today at my gym!!! They are looking for trainers ! I’m highly considering doing the training in March! Your video! Inspired me to Go for it! It’s in about 30 days ! So I need to get fit for the all day training 🙀!
Comment from : Renaissance Siren Shere

Tiffany Smith
Your just a big girl, own it.
Comment from : Tiffany Smith

Sarah rebecca
where did you get that bra at 7:06 love it! looks so comfortable!
Comment from : Sarah rebecca

Mercelina Zamorgan
Barre workout without barre???
Comment from : Mercelina Zamorgan

Emily Marion-Walker
I think you got a lot more toned
Comment from : Emily Marion-Walker

Banana Chips
dam she is fine!
Comment from : Banana Chips

Abby Ellis
You are changing the game for "lifestyle" YouTubers. This is the type of content I want to see more of in 2020!
Comment from : Abby Ellis

Gab K
Thanks for keeping it real!
Comment from : Gab K

Daniel Landis
Any old guys in barre I am 60 and do it once a werk
Comment from : Daniel Landis

Bill Edwards
Stop doing side stretches!!!! Remember if you want to shrink it.. Crunch it! If you want to grow it...Stretch it! Crunch your sides stop stretching them.😘
Comment from : Bill Edwards

You look great, you feel great, you have a positive attitude, and you have a "million" youtube subscribers making people feel good and probably smile so what's not to like!
Comment from : J M

Missy T
Just did my first Barre workout today, and I absolutely loved it! I watched your video hrs later, and have to say I am even more excited to do these workouts. Your honesty is inspiring, and I love how down to earth you are. Thank you for sharing something so real.
Comment from : Missy T

We need the side by side video!
Comment from : MBPrincesa

Bailey G
I’d be happy with your before body😁 You look great!
Comment from : Bailey G

Tamara Bevan
You are so fricken cute. You are the whole package. Love the video.
Comment from : Tamara Bevan

I tried Barre, I just got fat and bloated. My legs got bulkier.
Comment from : alphasorres

You go girl!
Comment from : Rosalie13

Angela O
Awesome video. I’ve never tried bar but this has me thinking about it.
Comment from : Angela O

Sandra M
Thanks for the great video. You definitely look more toned!
Comment from : Sandra M

Taking a rest day (or two) is absolutely necessary. Everyone is sold this idea, now, that we're supposed to do our workouts every single day and for some magical reason, our muscles don't need time to repair... Ok, but common sense alone... the whole way building muscle works is by creating tears and having those tears HEAL which creates the stronger muscle--that doesn't mean waiting until you're no longer sore, though. I think it's kind of a workout industry gimmick to delude the public into thinking we have to overdo it. But we SHOULD be active everyday even when recovering. But I personally don't see how anyone could get optimal results without allowing the equally essential healing process. And obviously the more conditioned you are, the more you can do with less recovery.
Comment from : S S

Jennifer Moreland
Where are your bra/underwear from? They look great!
Comment from : Jennifer Moreland

Odd Mad
Wow you found your jam! I hope you are still doing barre.
Comment from : Odd Mad

Sarah Rose
I could totally see a difference, much more toned, great job
Comment from : Sarah Rose

Joyce Zhang
I did the challenge! 30 bar classes in 43 days! It was tough... but I’m definitely getting stronger, and my balance and posture improved quite a lot! I will be continuing doing it for as long as I can!
Have you been doing bar since the video? If you have, can you make a video on the long term effects?

Comment from : Joyce Zhang

kehinde isaac
Let me be the first guy to comment... great job, great body, great content Monica
Comment from : kehinde isaac

Brichanise Terrell
Let’s get it! Excited God bless
Comment from : Brichanise Terrell

Thanks for sharing your experience, I was nervous about doing my first Barre class tomorrow.
Comment from : R O

Audrey Pappas
Barre is no joke! I love it — great job doing 30 classes in that short time. 💪
Comment from : Audrey Pappas

Lilena M.
Its great how real you are and how you put yourself out there
Comment from : Lilena M.

Tina Jefferson
I really appreciated this video. I rolled my eyes after the first few seconds of the video because I think your body is fine but as I watched your journey, struggle and determination as well as you explaining the Barre process AND the realistic challenges I couldn't stop watching you! Great job and amazing video.
Comment from : Tina Jefferson

Sophia Romano
Girl your body looks so much kore defined! You killed it ❤️
Comment from : Sophia Romano

PaulineDieBiene H
Wooow I am just amazed by the quality of this video!!
Comment from : PaulineDieBiene H

Clara Contreras
actually, for real barre you don't need any equipment other than your body. trust me, it's just as hard.. but I liked that you incorporated it! nice way of spicing it up
Comment from : Clara Contreras

Bethan Macdonald
I love barre workouts makes me feel so good xx
Comment from : Bethan Macdonald

Sara AC
You are soooooooo beautiful!!! I really think that with people like you on youtube the reality to many other creators and consumers can be changed. Feel refreshed🥰
Comment from : Sara AC

Juliana Palacios
I love how she encourages us to do what makes us feel confident and beautiful not what we want other to physically see
Comment from : Juliana Palacios

Juliana Palacios
I love how she encourages us to do what makes us feel confident and beautiful not what we want other to physically see
Comment from : Juliana Palacios

Katie Raechel
Sticky socks!
Comment from : Katie Raechel

Kinda Vibin
Lol I do ballet. I’ve done barre and it is completely different than ballet barre. If you’re looking for a ballerinas body you’re not going to get it from barre. Not saying that you won’t get fit from it, you probably could, but not the same physique as a ballet dancer. I would recommend doing yoga, Pilates, and a TON of cardio! Barre class was fun though, and felt good so I would recommend it. Just saying this because many people don’t know the difference.
Comment from : Kinda Vibin

Amazing physique.
Comment from : SevenDeMagnus

Fran R
you look so....gorgeous before and after !!!!
Comment from : Fran R

Nikki BornRight
Have you ever considered butt implants youd look Rockin
Comment from : Nikki BornRight

Heather Chappell
I didn't see a before and after shot side by side
Comment from : Heather Chappell

Marlynne K
You look exactly the same!
Comment from : Marlynne K

Mag Katz
Love it, thank you. And you look amazing btw 😘
Comment from : Mag Katz

Roger Van Brunt
Nice always like your point of view
Comment from : Roger Van Brunt

You’re cool! meaning fine, like ok, like not bad.
Comment from : T BLK

Amelia Evans
You had a perfect body before but after looked that bit more Leaner.
Good job 💙😘

Comment from : Amelia Evans

Clint Patac
It’s great you’re happy with your body. I was happy with your body before and after!😜😎
Comment from : Clint Patac

Don't mind me, I'm just here to perv.
Comment from : RahmenSix

Jessica D
I would also recommend trying different barre studios if you can. I tried PB and didn't love it but I love my B3 classes.
Comment from : Jessica D

G Boojie
Dang girl, you're from Seattle? I grew up in White Center! PS, I am trying my first week of pure Barre this week with their 2 months unlimited promo 🤗
Comment from : G Boojie

Omg your videos are the worst I’ve seen here
Comment from : KATHERINE CHAPA

Kaori Kinoko
Your thighs look really toned after. :0
Comment from : Kaori Kinoko

Heidi Streeter
Why is YouTube just now recommending your channel to me?
Comment from : Heidi Streeter

Am I wrong or is your Day 1 body most women’s #fitgoal body?
Comment from : ryanxj9000

Jessica Cunningham
This video is editing goals! 🙏
Comment from : Jessica Cunningham

Katrina S
I want to do pull ups soo bad😭
Comment from : Katrina S

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