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i tried 30 days of barre & this is what happened!

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Information i tried 30 days of barre & this is what happened!

Title :  i tried 30 days of barre & this is what happened!
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Frames i tried 30 days of barre & this is what happened!

Description i tried 30 days of barre & this is what happened!

Comments i tried 30 days of barre & this is what happened!

Porsha Robertson
I did a Barre workout for the first time on yesterday and I SWEAT like a Hebrew slave!! I workout (walk/jog) 4-5 days a week and I felt as though this workout was so productive. Thank you for posting your journey!
Comment from : Porsha Robertson

Liv Fitness
Great video! I just wanted to correct you on something. BARRE can, to an extent, aid fat loss. I burn up to 300 calories a session and am consistent with when I do these workouts. Whilst it is primarily focused on sculpting your body, someone who is eating healthily and doing other forms of exercise with the aim of losing weight can still experience benefits from doing these workouts and it can help accelerate weight loss by building muscle tissue. You need muscle to burn fat.
Comment from : Liv Fitness

Sincerely Bianca
I have never tried Barre before - I want to try it now!! Thanks for sharing :)
Comment from : Sincerely Bianca

Amanda Akers
You most definitely will lose weight doing Barre! It IS a cardio workout 100%. Hard work.
Comment from : Amanda Akers

Alexa D
Hey Elena! Are you still doing barre workouts? Love yaaa girly
Comment from : Alexa D

Kaysel Weiner-Huice
Barre is the beeessstttt
Comment from : Kaysel Weiner-Huice

Very beautiful eyes!
Comment from : riptiderobin15

Yousuf Ahmed Mirza
doing excellent things quite motivating and informative keep it up Elena
Comment from : Yousuf Ahmed Mirza

your posture is amazing afterwards!
Comment from : Jennifer

Thats fantastic Im so proud of you. Thats sarcasm.
Comment from : SFB

Good Morning Good Afternoon and Good Night
Elena workout always makes us feel better but odd your butt looked better in before pic. Btw your eyes are nice.
Comment from : Good Morning Good Afternoon and Good Night

so barre is just the french word for (ballet) bar, but at 8:36 when you showed the exercises nothing was executed at the bar, did you even use a bar throughout the courses? 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Lisa

Daniel Landis
I'm a baby boomer (60) dude is doing barre once a week as well as pilates and zumba. I love it.
Comment from : Daniel Landis

This is inspiring me to do some at home barre workouts! Though I do want to mention that even strength training itself will help people lose weight. The more muscle mass a person has, the more your body burns throughout the day when you’re stagnant. It’s obviously going to lose in a different way, but strength training is really impactful on weight as well (especially if you do both throughout the week!)
Comment from : jessmakestacos

Jennifer Balsamo
Thanks for taking time to share your experience!
Comment from : Jennifer Balsamo

James Dean
First time viewer love your channel
one suggestion please stop touching your hair
Because it portrays you’re very nervous and takes away from your beauty
I have done research...visual is very important J Lo never touches her hair on camera
you’re very blessed enjoy life

Comment from : James Dean

Literally no difference 😂
Comment from : mm

Kayleigh Guinee
I love that you tried barre! I am a barre instructor and it is one of my favorite workouts myself and to teach! I recently started a youtube channel where I post at home barre inspired workouts! Feel free to check them out and try them :) They can be done anywhere with little to no props!!
Comment from : Kayleigh Guinee

Z-Mack Dos 6 Echo
Having taken true ballet dance classes you’d know a dancer takes classes twice a day and once on the weekend. To help with the lactic acid and soreness are the proper types of foods, epson salt baths, and massages. So your 17 classes took 30 days to complete? Hmmm?
The impression I’m getting is now that you’ve completed this trial experiment is that you’ll not continue with this exercise regimen. You gained a lot of benefits from it and now you’ll abandon from continuing it as apart of your daily routine. If you must move on to some other endeavor just consider doing this workout three days a week, for muscle recovery, but no less than twice a week. You’ve started something positive for your body that you’ve been blessed with a beautiful functioning mechanism. Motion is lotion for the muscles and rust never rests, because the aging process can’t be stopped. Don’t stop.

Comment from : Z-Mack Dos 6 Echo

Chris Camacho
lets get. married and have kids
Comment from : Chris Camacho

Yanuario Arias
your butt needs squats and lunges, glut exercises.
Comment from : Yanuario Arias

Jennifer Rivera
This genuinely makes me want to try barre!
Comment from : Jennifer Rivera

Ayla .Sawatsky
Building muscle helps you lose weight fyi
Comment from : Ayla .Sawatsky

Charinpat Saeheng
love this kinda vid. It's inspiring
Comment from : Charinpat Saeheng

lindsay smith
So glad I watched this!! I have a very similar body to yours and I don’t have some hug problem with myself but I really want to look more toned and just to feel stronger and more in shape than I do. Your after results are amazing!!! Just a perfect toned look and it’s making me excited to start! I think with the new year I’m going to try Barre ❤️
Comment from : lindsay smith

btw, you already have muscles so when you lose fat you become more "fit" becasue now the fat is out so the muscle is more "bold"
Comment from : Tamar

the only think I see is you losing fat precent... you were skinny before so don't worry... you look great, even looked better before btw, much healthier.. :)
Comment from : Tamar

Ken Powers
Before you were attractive, after- very attractive. (If you are into those superficial qualifications- that is.)
Comment from : Ken Powers

nishant kumar
u r already thin don't do more exercise otherwise u will become invisible...
Comment from : nishant kumar

enjoy your 20's while they last
Comment from : Winterheart786

xeniya vassil
Great video, Elena! thank you for sharing your experience! May I know the soundtrack names for this one? Really nice background music!
Comment from : xeniya vassil

Damnn i wanna try barre now! Loved this
Comment from : leahsfieldnotes

Ferox Yoga
Your anterior tilt in your hips are gone too! Which you want so you don't have back issues later. Your posture is definitely better too!
Comment from : Ferox Yoga

Saha Lema
Comment from : Saha Lema

I notice that your posture is better too
Comment from : Happydaysrcoming

How much additional cardio did you do during the 30 days?
Comment from : J C

Where do you buy sustainable activewear? If possible not super expensive!
Comment from : Cegomez

Amazing work Elena.
Comment from : SevenDeMagnus

Haley Womack
You can totally notice a difference in your posture! Thanks for the video <3
Comment from : Haley Womack

Sophie Howe
i totally agree with the better posture thing with barre! I definitely feel like my back is now stronger and lifts my body up so much more
Comment from : Sophie Howe

Stephanie Tseng
Did you have a favorite Barre method?
Comment from : Stephanie Tseng

Clint Patac
Building muscle actually aids in burning fat. Toned muscles consume more calories than sedentary ones.
Comment from : Clint Patac

Ricki Fortuna
As I Barre instructor I have to disagree. Barre will totally help you shed off weight, keep in mind one must also make sure they are eating a proper diet. I actually have to eat more now that I teach Barre to help me not loose too much weight.
Comment from : Ricki Fortuna

Lauren 19
A month of soul cycle!
Comment from : Lauren 19

Beach Girlie
I love barre it's amazing. I do barre and HIT barre several times a week with Pilates and hot yoga which really compliments this training

My barre teacher says that nothing will tone your body or get quicker results than barre. It helps to lengthen and tone and sculpt. You need to do a few classes a week

My barre teacher has the most amazing arms and all from using no weights. Sculpted and toned with no excess fat. You don't always need to lift heavy weights to get toned and sculpted. In fact some body types suit not lifting heavy weights

Comment from : Beach Girlie

You know its 2019 when you cant even do a workout video without putting a disclaimer so people wont get triggered. The world we live in...
Comment from : Mufasa

Anna VL
Those are my kind of workouts 👐🏼, unfortunately I don’t organize myself to be constant, I exercise like 1, 2 or 3 days a week 😅, but You inspire me gurl ! Gonna change my habits and follow the goal 💪🏼
Comment from : Anna VL

Aas Juice
Every time I watch a fitness related video


Comment from : Aas Juice

Kim Pham
it definitely gave you more ab definition!! you look great girl 😍
Comment from : Kim Pham

Lara Perez
You remind me so much of Lorelai from Gilmore Girls
Comment from : Lara Perez

Jessica Cunningham
LOVEE barre but I can't find a good class in my city! Great video girl! ✨
Comment from : Jessica Cunningham

Remy Elysee
where is that swimsuit from?? It's stunning!
Comment from : Remy Elysee

Heaven's Audventure
Absolutely loved this video! So motivational, thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Heaven's Audventure

james malone
Although weightlifting may not improve cardiovascular health to the degree that cardio does lifting weights requires energy, therefore your body uses stored energy ie weight loss. I just want to dispel that persistent myth. Your body actually can become very efficient at running and cycling making it hard to loose those last pounds but if you add some weight training you can lose them.
Comment from : james malone

Sylvie Olivier-Clarke
You look INCREDIBLE girl! Feeling inspired to try out a cool new type of fitness like barre :)
Comment from : Sylvie Olivier-Clarke

Jim Yost
What a cutiepie, and no tattos! Good for you!
Comment from : Jim Yost

I love how healthy you are about everything. You seem so in the clean with yourself!
Comment from : itsmylifebitch

christina panico
love this.. check out the "Tone it Up" girls. @Toneitup.com
Comment from : christina panico

Riaan Reyneke
Comment from : Riaan Reyneke

Kelli Collins
hi, off topic, where is that beautiful denim shirt from in the intro? i’m assuming thrifted
Comment from : Kelli Collins

chloe palo
she definitely has a hour glass body
Comment from : chloe palo

Timeka Richards
As if you did this challenge. I've been trying to be more motivated to start either barre classes or ballet. And then BOOM, I come online to find this video and OMG it has motivated me so much! You look incredible! This video was just what I needed :)
Comment from : Timeka Richards

Guisella Losa
thanks for the motivation!!!!!
Comment from : Guisella Losa

Monica Andal
Where is your bikini from?
Comment from : Monica Andal

Samantha Wong
Where are your blue leggings from?
Comment from : Samantha Wong

ashley brice
Where was your suit from ?
Comment from : ashley brice

Kate Cunningham
love this vid- it makes me want to try barre!!! also i love how healthy of a video this is even with progress vids, just a good holistic view :)
Comment from : Kate Cunningham

Graycen Colette
as a dancer i know that with a lot of barre work you get used to tucking your tailbone under (which not only is correct ballet form but also engages your abs during a workout) and then it can make its way into how you walk/stand. In the before/after clips of your body over all you can see when you turn to the side your hips/glutes/back are more aligned with your shoulders! awesome job girlfriendddd!
Comment from : Graycen Colette

Lydia Kellerhals
I just started barre! i’m only on my third class but i’ve really loved it so far!!
Comment from : Lydia Kellerhals

Might try this out! Also, Just wanna say that you’re one of the most beautiful YouTubers that I know!
Comment from : sheentheexplorer

Rachel Pessoa
Hi guys I just started my YouTube channel and I need 100 subscribes to change my url, can you please subscribe and help me? Thanks a lot ♥️
By the way I love your channel and it's such an inspiration to me!

Comment from : Rachel Pessoa

I do barre too and I noticed my posture improved as well :)
Comment from : samfilmmaker

Stacia Datskovska
flywheel sports ftw!
Comment from : Stacia Datskovska

kaylee phen
loveeee you
Comment from : kaylee phen

alysha de martínez
Very nice for you Elena!! ✨
Comment from : alysha de martínez

Ci Silver
Wow, thanks for sharing this! I definitely want to get more toned and will give barre a try!
Comment from : Ci Silver

Carly Brown
gosh i totally wish that i could work out like this. i’ve had 2 knee reconstructions and it makes working out really hard and sometimes painful (i run with a slight limp) so it causes my hips and my back to get out really easily. i’ve always wanted to work out like this and really make my body stronger and more toned :/
Comment from : Carly Brown

Wear I Live
u inspired me to work out once and I thank you for that
Comment from : Wear I Live

I think you might have anterior pelvic tilt. Glutes & butt need work.
Comment from : Ahsan

Alrecia Meekoly
Wow you look great 👍🏼 keep going
Comment from : Alrecia Meekoly

Amy. dreamy
I’m also trying to workout everyday... I’m a small youtuber ❤️
Comment from : Amy. dreamy

Livv W
this is great!!!! proud of u
Comment from : Livv W

Amanda Villatoro
I’m trying this! Cause yah girl needs it!😭😭
Hi guys in a tiny YouTuber!🙈💕

Comment from : Amanda Villatoro

i’m on my way to NYC!! :)
Comment from : Hope

I love that kind of video ! Sadly there are no barre class in my area haha
Comment from : bansheeran

Maggie Zhou
"you're not going to be working up a bunch of sweat" giRL how I was honestly drenched after my first session!!
Comment from : Maggie Zhou

Hannah Atherton
Thanks for sharing your experience - have been curious to find out more about barre. Great video!
Comment from : Hannah Atherton

I know you did say you are not a nutritionist or whatever, but again you don't need to do "cardio" to lose weight.
Comment from : JustMe

Kimberly Rossel
I honestly don‘t know how and why someone would dislike your videos! I love how authentic you are :)
Comment from : Kimberly Rossel

central perk
please do soul cycle! i rly want to try but im too scared so i feel like seeing someone else’s experience trying it out might help
Comment from : central perk

Ayla M
Omg I love your swim suit. Where did you get it? :)
Comment from : Ayla M

Minhtam Tran
boxing and/or pole! both great workouts and make you feel badass :)
Comment from : Minhtam Tran

Josephine O'Shaughnessy
I love challenge videos, so I’d totally love to see more challenge vids of all kinds!
Comment from : Josephine O'Shaughnessy

MJ Wilhelm
Try Barry's bootcamp please!!!!
Comment from : MJ Wilhelm

Carlo Spada
Have you tried Zova? I ❤️ it ahah
Comment from : Carlo Spada

Silkina Ahluwalia
I've always been interested in Barre!
Comment from : Silkina Ahluwalia

Victoria Semprun
Can you do this again but doing SoulCycle instead!!!
Comment from : Victoria Semprun

Natalie Scott
Loved this sm!!

I also make similar content! It would mean sm if anyone could subscribe to my channel! ❤️🦋 thank u lovies

Comment from : Natalie Scott

Chloe Wilkinson Naturopath
Yes girl amazing! Hard work pays off :)
Comment from : Chloe Wilkinson Naturopath

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