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Pilates 21 Day Challenge ♥ Full Body Workout For Results

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Information Pilates 21 Day Challenge ♥ Full Body Workout For Results

Title :  Pilates 21 Day Challenge ♥ Full Body Workout For Results
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Frames Pilates 21 Day Challenge ♥ Full Body Workout For Results

Description Pilates 21 Day Challenge ♥ Full Body Workout For Results

Comments Pilates 21 Day Challenge ♥ Full Body Workout For Results

That was easy
Comment from : HolaElla

sharon Bean
I really loved the workout !! I am a new youtuber and doing a 14day pilates challenge I will do this as part of my challenge!! Thank you cant wait to check out your other workouts
Comment from : sharon Bean

reyyan turan
ı was doing this challenge 3 years ago and ı am doing now in the quarantine :) love you guys !!
Comment from : reyyan turan

Teresa Mui
I love you and your workouts. This challenge really makes my lower back hurt. Any ideas on how to alleviate that?
Comment from : Teresa Mui

Mavisu Kose
amazing workout <3
Comment from : Mavisu Kose

who else is doing this during quarantine AND SLOWLY DIED doing this?
Comment from : VASI G

Maia Tarynna Hizon
I'm done with this 21 day challenge. And i must say my flexibility has improved a lot and toned my body. Maybe will continue this to 30 days and combination with other pilates yoga workout.
Comment from : Maia Tarynna Hizon

Lullabys with Lisa
Help,,!! Where do I found all the days for the challenge

Comment from : Lullabys with Lisa

Wow I thought only cardio and hiit would me make sweat but no, i finished this routine soaking from my own sweat
Comment from : jzc1013

Kalku kochi Bakes!
Excellent class!! started today and I will be doing the 21 day challenge and most definetely will invite my friends. Thank you!!!
Comment from : Kalku kochi Bakes!

Mckenzie Harvey
I just finished the 21 day challenge and I can physically see the changes in my body. My abs are more defined, thighs are more toned and smaller, and I have so much arm strength! The 1st time I watched this video I could barely get through all 25 minutes and now I am more motivated and have done ALL of your pilates videos. Thank you so much!!!
Comment from : Mckenzie Harvey

Jenny Whyte
I just finished abs and booty as day 1.  Where do I find the day 2 workout?
Comment from : Jenny Whyte

Jan Kowalski
28 S d 4 4 9 W zwizwiązane w tym tygodniu :( :( Z poważaniem
Comment from : Jan Kowalski

Did anyone else not do this perfectly? I was struggling so hard, wrists ached, arms shook, and had to take breaks. Feel like I'm the only person like this sometimes!
Comment from : VelvetKate

Cecilia Gabella
I've followed all the challenge strictly and today it's my 21st day (kinda sad now)! It is the first time I managed to be so consistent in doing sport and I loved the challenge! I see my body really changed, it's stronger, toned and I feel better with it and with myself! I will go on following the videos and I want to know more about yoga she made me discover! Follow Juliana, she's amazing!
Comment from : Cecilia Gabella

Diala Chahine
I have always had a good relationship with food and working out but lately i have been losing track. I have been binge eating without knowing why, working out became something boring and i didn't enjoy working out anymore. So i decided to do this challenge and i have been waking up 1 hour earlier to do this in the morning and i LOVE it. It took me 2 weeks and now i am addicted to it. It also toned up my body so i feel so confident and happy about myself. I don't binge eat anymore. I don't know if it has something to do with it but i think that this workout made me happier so i don't seek comfort in food anymore. I can't thank you enought for this. This is life changing for me!
Comment from : Diala Chahine

Anca r
I'm on day 4. This work out is so good. My lower back feels amazing and I sleep much better. Thank you beautiful lady.
Comment from : Anca r

xorosa a
My hips hurt when laying on my side for all the leg lifting exercises... Am I doing it right? How can I prevent hip pain??
Comment from : xorosa a

Erin O'Hara
Still one of my favorite work out videos! I’ve come back to this so many times
Comment from : Erin O'Hara

Pragya Sharma
iam doing this wrkout but i have a doubt about the combinations that which to perform first the main plate workout or the combined video
Comment from : Pragya Sharma

Blk Barbie
I’m starting this tomorrow, I’m serious about losing weight and toning up for summer so either I do these 21 days or die trying lol

Day 1:

Comment from : Blk Barbie

Yogender Yoga & Fitness
Thanks nice content and view
Comment from : Yogender Yoga & Fitness

I've just completed my current workout challenge and found this. Can't wait to try it on Monday! Sending lots of love to you <3
Comment from : cantabileloves

Colleen C
Please, please, please redo this video, but take the demo sections out. They take away from the flow of the exercise sequences. Best core workout hands down otherwise!!
Comment from : Colleen C

L p Cender
Does everyone do all the videos back to back if theres 2-3 videos for one day (ie day 14)
Comment from : L p Cender

Worawizca Pattanakij
Why my neck hurts so badly😔
Comment from : Worawizca Pattanakij

Anastasiia Rios
it s so hard!
Comment from : Anastasiia Rios

Managed to tweak my lower back after the 7th day. Inflamed muscles and had to stop for 3 days to heal up. Maybe I'm not holding the side planks straight enough?
Comment from : Hechete

Amrin Soonasra
Hi does anyone know how many calories this whole workout burns? It’s amazing! 🥰🥰
Comment from : Amrin Soonasra

รุ่งประภา มานพ
Comment from : รุ่งประภา มานพ

Anna Gustafson
Anyone else seeing that the video in day 10 is private :(
Comment from : Anna Gustafson

Maia Tarynna Hizon
Doing home workout for past 2 weeks coz of quarantine and tried yoga and pilates for the first time. I've been doing gym workouts, HIIT... but I must say, pilates is waaay challenging. Discovered my zero flexibility. I will do this 21 day full body pilates challenge. First day today. Goodluck to me.
Comment from : Maia Tarynna Hizon

jennifer Cummings
Am I doing something wrong my hip flexers hurt? " If that's what they're called". Am I supposed to do some stretches before the exercise starts? This is obviously my first video lol
Comment from : jennifer Cummings

This ones hard as diamond. Or maybe I'm just weak. Ahhhrrghhh im gonna repeat to myself,"I WILL NOT QUIT"
Comment from : thatgoangirl

"Don't stop breathing" (immediately gasped for air while dropping legs) 🤣🤣
Comment from : RedNiobe

No breaks forced me deadly
Comment from : hepsen

Luisalba Muñoz Rangel
All quarantine doing exercise and then this video Kill me in 25 mins WTF AMAZING!
Comment from : Luisalba Muñoz Rangel

Marie-Eve Deshaies
Wow... that was hard!!! And then I heard "let's do the other side!" Arrrgh!!! Who said we had two sides? Damn... ;) I did what I can and it was fun :)
Comment from : Marie-Eve Deshaies

Lorena Barrera
Day 1 of the Challenge done! Thank you for this content!! 🌟
Comment from : Lorena Barrera

I died
Comment from : PilencePile

Juan Ramón Climent
U make me challenge myself to the next level
Comment from : Juan Ramón Climent

Ziyu Yan
challenge 1st day
Comment from : Ziyu Yan

Joann Malanga
Thank you and i am in the 21 day challenge! so happy I found you!!!
Comment from : Joann Malanga

Beautiful workout from a beautiful person, thank you ❤️
Comment from : Emily

Heather Libhart
I finished day one. I will update on day 21. I’m already eating clean and I can’t wait to see the results from this 3 week program. Thank you girl!
Comment from : Heather Libhart

Laura Sacchi
yes, my waistline thanks you with <3!
Comment from : Laura Sacchi

Kristýna Kos
At least I will have abs at my funeral
Comment from : Kristýna Kos

Sophie Ayotte
Comment from : Sophie Ayotte

Regeena Vasquez
how is she so chill while i’m out here trying not to forget to breathe
Comment from : Regeena Vasquez

Maria Gassmann
It's my first day. I thought , i am fit after the first pilates challenge. It was a mistake :)
Comment from : Maria Gassmann

Lisa Starrett
This continues to hands down be my favorite of your videos
Comment from : Lisa Starrett

Joy 8181
I have just finished the challenge. The results are AMAZING! I lost so many pounds and I started loving my body again! Thank you Beautiful! I m looking for your next challenge to continue this journey
Comment from : Joy 8181

Aimee Jeffrey
Wow! Very happy to come across your workouts, a great challenge! Love feeling that burn, thank you.
Comment from : Aimee Jeffrey

Anne CK
I Love the challenge, but i have a hard time keeping my legs straight lifting them in several exercises while it hurts/cramps in my groins...Any idea how i can manage that?
Comment from : Anne CK

lauren gosnell
I find during the leg portion that my hip bones hurt so bad from digging into the ground that I can’t do this. Anyone else have this issue? I’m on a rug and yoga mat so not sure how to fix this. I love this workout otherwise!
Comment from : lauren gosnell

Karen Sultan
Is it this workout daily, or are there other workouts?
Comment from : Karen Sultan

Suga's Sugar
Hey, I'm trying to gain weight, so is it recommended for me to start this challenge, since everyone is saying it's for weight loss? 🙁
Comment from : Suga's Sugar

Maria Rasquinho
Hello! I'm just finishing this Challenge and I feeling great, with more power and more flexibility. I finished another challenge and now I'm waiting for more challenges to be published to deal with my quarantine :)
Comment from : Maria Rasquinho

Toxic White Male
Get rid of loser coconut boy.
Comment from : Toxic White Male

Ashley Warner
I just finished day 16 (including ALL of day 12, I know I'm shocked) and I am doing SO MUCH BETTER than I was on day 1! It's actually insane how much more strength I have already. The diet part is kinda hard to follow during quarantine lol but I definitely will keep using these videos after life goes back to normal, and will probably repeat this challenge and add on some other videos. Thanks so much for these!
Comment from : Ashley Warner

Mindy France
I LOVED this!! Thank you!!
Comment from : Mindy France

Bill Myers
I'd love to see you film this on a rubbish dump for all those scratching for food... They'd be so appreciative
Comment from : Bill Myers

Yay I cried
Comment from : noinflouencer

35 year old man here, about to start Pilates for the first time!
Comment from : FGame2star

Joy Yu
ive been exercising for awhile, but never have my lower back burn like this during this workout.. I wonder what's wrong
Comment from : Joy Yu

Deanna Turchyn
Whenever she says “okay now hold this position” I plop like a FISH
Comment from : Deanna Turchyn

lael dewahl
love it
Comment from : lael dewahl

Michelle Kong
Day 1
Comment from : Michelle Kong

Raquel Mesa
Where are your yoga pants from they look so comfy.
Comment from : Raquel Mesa

Vict04riAn Lightz
Your a beautiful rockstar... How long have u been a trainer?!! 🍙
Comment from : Vict04riAn Lightz

Feng Rice
My gym is closed due to C-19. This was my first time here. LOVE it. I will be back tomorrow.
Comment from : Feng Rice

Carly Sauve
I did this yesterday and the core is sore 😅 Love your videos thank you
Comment from : Carly Sauve

Started it now while in quarantine; great first day y'all!
Comment from : Miele

Amelia Conway
omg this is intense, you're so strong, i hope to be as strong as you one day!
Comment from : Amelia Conway

Lily Mee
Best challenge to do during quarantine ❤️
Comment from : Lily Mee

Eleisa Starke
Thank you 🙏💕💕
Comment from : Eleisa Starke

Jacquelyn Grulkowski
Loved it!
Comment from : Jacquelyn Grulkowski

Lance Finfrock
This is one of my favorite workouts. I do this about once a week
Comment from : Lance Finfrock

Raphael Tauira
N'importe quoi tout ça pour montrer son cul. Vraiment rien d'autre à faire ma fille. Perte de temps sérieusement tu ne crois pas.
Comment from : Raphael Tauira

リエンハングル Leeann리앤
The most amazing and beautiful workout I've ever had! Thank you
Comment from : リエンハングル Leeann리앤

Debarjita Bhattacharjee
Just started and couldn't even finish.. my legs are burning within few minutes . I think it will take me a little more than 21days to finish.
Comment from : Debarjita Bhattacharjee

poetry by jesika Saini
Thank you 😊😊🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : poetry by jesika Saini

Badura Twins
Amazing workout !! Best pilates and yoga on Youtube ;)
Comment from : Badura Twins

NamNam Seok Tae-sty
Question: I wanna lose overall weight, but can Pilates alone help my calfs, thighs and butt to be reduced? It’s a problem for me. (P.s. this is my second day working out, it kills but I love it over cardio)
Comment from : NamNam Seok Tae-sty

Issis Poblete
Just did it! 💪🏻💛
Comment from : Issis Poblete

Comment from : 아름이

Does this work tho
Comment from : Natalia

harry solven
yUM x
Comment from : harry solven

Lone Dookey
This phone samsung j6 has been subject 3rd party usage and violation quite a few times.
Comment from : Lone Dookey

Lone Dookey
Did i know you before?
Other than the ibm lady?

Comment from : Lone Dookey

where is day one can only find 21
Comment from : stupedousify

Dilan Düzgüner
Amazing! Greatings from Istanbul.)
Comment from : Dilan Düzgüner

Daniella Tavakoli
I love her workout videos it always gets me back in the best shape when I’m consistent
Comment from : Daniella Tavakoli

eric haeny
perfect! trop bien,bien difficile pour mes 66ans, mais j 'en redemande encore!
Comment from : eric haeny

Taylor Martin
Amazing workout! Thank you!
Comment from : Taylor Martin

Adriana Patakova
I like this workout sooo much,thank you♥😊😊😊💪
Comment from : Adriana Patakova

YT Cheung
Day 10 complete! Feeling really strong here!
Comment from : YT Cheung

How can any human being be so gorgeous..!
Comment from : Patinho

YT Cheung
Thank you for the amazing video! I am starting this class today and let see what happens after 21days!
Comment from : YT Cheung

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