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Fat Burning HIIT Pilates Workout - 35 Minute Pilates and HIIT Cardio Blend

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Information Fat Burning HIIT Pilates Workout - 35 Minute Pilates and HIIT Cardio Blend

Title :  Fat Burning HIIT Pilates Workout - 35 Minute Pilates and HIIT Cardio Blend
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Frames Fat Burning HIIT Pilates Workout - 35 Minute Pilates and HIIT Cardio Blend

Description Fat Burning HIIT Pilates Workout - 35 Minute Pilates and HIIT Cardio Blend

Comments Fat Burning HIIT Pilates Workout - 35 Minute Pilates and HIIT Cardio Blend

M.D. Walker
I enjoyed this combo. Really great !!!
Comment from : M.D. Walker

Angie Schneider
Comment from : Angie Schneider

Юлия Горлова
Спасибо, очень классная тренировка! :)
Comment from : Юлия Горлова

rv grace torno
Just the way my body needs it in times of home quarantine...thnks Kelly! You're the best!! 😀
Comment from : rv grace torno

Наталья Ясень
Comment from : Наталья Ясень

Erica Avila
Vie you’re
Comment from : Erica Avila

Tree of Possibilities
Now that I don't have access to my gym anymore, you guys are a life-saver! Thanks to your videos, I can stay active from home!
Comment from : Tree of Possibilities

Guzal Umirzakova
Thank you! You are the best! Simple yet effective! And you have the most luminous face and radiant smile, which makes it pleasurable to work. And it is all free!!?
Comment from : Guzal Umirzakova

does anyone else have the sudden urge to nuclear bomb the toilet right after this workout? or is it just my fat and flabs having a riot to stop the mass murder of them?
Comment from : RANDOM NIKI

Angie Schneider
Comment from : Angie Schneider

Elena Nenovska
I lost almost 8kg with this video and I didn't even make the whole 35 minutes workout. I did about 20-21 minutes. It's amazing for those who wants to burn fat! Thank you, FitnessBlender! :)
Comment from : Elena Nenovska

Danielle Jackson
Did almost just pass out 12 minutes in
Comment from : Danielle Jackson

Katie White
let me know why i used my polaroid camera as my dumbbell
Comment from : Katie White

Angie Schneider
Comment from : Angie Schneider

Samantha Pellew
Looking at this literally made my knees ache
Comment from : Samantha Pellew

Joyce Jules
How many calories can we burn doing this workout? ? I also do your workouts I need to loose 2 stone i did lose a stone before but I went on hoilday.... and I'm 48 and menopausal which I find losing weight much harder and no monthly periods anymore also so I have fat on thighs and abdominal area as it happens at menopausal stages.....
Comment from : Joyce Jules

Rakib Chowdhury
Comment from : Rakib Chowdhury

tazmeen fatima
Can someone tell if its effective or not?
Comment from : tazmeen fatima

Ziba Brenda McIntyre Burdas
Yay I did it, and complete... Thank you Kelly for posting this.
Comment from : Ziba Brenda McIntyre Burdas

Nicky Gentle
Enjoyed doing it but imo needs nore guidance on pulling in core muscles. For beginners
Comment from : Nicky Gentle

Has anyone doing this workout seen results in becoming more toned especially in the waistline? I love her 10 min glute workout but I’m definitely intrigued by this one as well.
Comment from : gabs616

Kimberlee G.
I love the combination of Pilates and HIIT because it works the whole body so well. I am a sweaty mess 😪 This routine is going into my favorites!
Comment from : Kimberlee G.

Pasala Prasad
Comment from : Pasala Prasad

Mindin' My bidness
Just close my casket I'm dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Mindin' My bidness

The MindBodySoul of Homemaking
I love this one so much...👍
Comment from : The MindBodySoul of Homemaking

Lili Anka
This is SO good
Comment from : Lili Anka

I swear the full body stretch at the end is the most glorious feeling
Comment from : Faith

Angie Schneider
Comment from : Angie Schneider

Sukanya Dhar
Am I too late? Nvm I found this today and I will do it. ♥️
Comment from : Sukanya Dhar

Lourdes Perez
I’m 15 and I’m using my moms phone because my phone is charging. I’m doing this because I want to lose weight and there always telling me I’m overweight. I want to prove my parents wrong so I’m doing this for me to to be healthy
Comment from : Lourdes Perez

Kathryn Siuciak
i am going to finish this workout! i said like 5 times... hehehe
Comment from : Kathryn Siuciak

I'm not gonna say
Thank you so much for keeping me fit! You guys are amazing! Just down and dirty workouts with no music or other unnecessary distractions! Love it!
Comment from : I'm not gonna say

Aziza Khan
Comment from : Aziza Khan

Deadass (no pun intended) when she said we were doing the jump squats again I was like "No, we're not!" and I quit the exercise.
Comment from : KC S

Shorouq Tahraoui
Guys is this enough I usually do my abs and run but today I had to pray and then it became 11 pm and too late to run out
Comment from : Shorouq Tahraoui

Paula Luna
good jobbbb
Comment from : Paula Luna

Benika Williamson
I hate cardio but love pilates, I can see myself doing this 3 times a week. It's perfect for people who hate long cardio routine exercise.
Comment from : Benika Williamson

bea nicole
love thsi routine, been doing it for a week now and i’m seeing progress on my thighs, butt and belly.. love how she’s calmly cheering on you when u workout lol
Comment from : bea nicole

Kelli Marsicek
This is awesome! Thank you for the inspiration. You've given me some great ideas.
Comment from : Kelli Marsicek

Angie Schneider
Comment from : Angie Schneider

El Alek
Thank you
Comment from : El Alek

Orsolya Toth
Pilates, she thought. Easy, she thought. And then... the fat started crying.
Comment from : Orsolya Toth

Lujain Mumen
I couldent get past 10 mins 😂
Comment from : Lujain Mumen

Natalie's Life
Really great workout!(:
Comment from : Natalie's Life

38 punkt
To modify this workout - search for a dog who only waits for the moment you roll out your mat to lay down on it...
Comment from : 38 punkt

Angie Schneider
Comment from : Angie Schneider

Thanks Kelly, did it again enthusiastically !
Comment from : May REB

Niomi Shah[Parel]
The satisfaction one feels when she says "this workout is complete"
Comment from : Niomi Shah[Parel]

Vanessa Garcia
Idk.....but I like hearing the tapping of her shoes lol
Comment from : Vanessa Garcia

You are amazing.
Good job guys.

Comment from : Rose

Aren't we supposed to warm up for it at the beginning
Comment from : ADEM B

Second time doing this workout!!! Thanks for everything!!
Comment from : TheBrightAngel13

Young and beautiful
Thank you
Comment from : Young and beautiful

Always Autumn
Make sure when u do the outside thigh raises that you tilt ur hips forward and point/flex ur toes towards ur body (my XC coach taught me this). You might not be able to go as high. 👍😇
Comment from : Always Autumn

Angie Schneider
Comment from : Angie Schneider

Angie Schneider
Comment from : Angie Schneider

Charlotte Olsen
I love this workout thanks so much!!!
Comment from : Charlotte Olsen

Jason Miller
she is soooo hot
Comment from : Jason Miller

Totally love this!
Comment from : ShesTough

Ana Maria Rosu
Really happy with this Pilates and Cardio mix- the exercises work really well together! Thanks a lot for this...really happy to find Fitness Blender videos like this!
Comment from : Ana Maria Rosu

Katarína Janečková
high quality workout! love it!
Comment from : Katarína Janečková

Duy Khang Hoàng
How many burning fat calories?
Comment from : Duy Khang Hoàng

Gergő Sípos
Brilliant workout! :)
Comment from : Gergő Sípos

Angie Schneider
Comment from : Angie Schneider

Onandi Flores
This is an excellent workout!
Comment from : Onandi Flores

Amena Hammad
I have lumbar canal stenosis..can i do this workout??
Comment from : Amena Hammad

Itati Villanueva
Amazing workout Kelly! I feel so energized once I finish a workout! Definitely in need of a shower but your workouts always make me feel so good!
Comment from : Itati Villanueva

Embracethedark 9
Those jump squats are downright brutal
Comment from : Embracethedark 9

I don't think i did the inner thigh rise correctly, it felt too weird lol, But loved this workout!!
Comment from : Psyche

zozo A
Thanks 🙏
Comment from : zozo A

Onandi Flores
Workout complete! Thank you Kelli xx
Comment from : Onandi Flores

Tarannum Shahzad
For how many days do we have to do this to see the results??
Comment from : Tarannum Shahzad

Anita Michalik
Kelli: Back to those leg lifts.

Comment from : Anita Michalik

Pilar Montero
I love it! I also prefer to see the time left. Thank you
Comment from : Pilar Montero

I did this yesterday & I am so sore!
Comment from : misskimberly5

sasika aprilia
Thank you. but i only sweat 5 mins to the cool down steps :(
Comment from : sasika aprilia

Angie Schneider
Comment from : Angie Schneider

Rahul Singh
Is it for women only? And how far does it help in weight loss?
Comment from : Rahul Singh

Cynthia Brown
This is amazing it really helps🖒🖒🖒
Comment from : Cynthia Brown

Mariyam Reesha
doing this tonite. loving ittt
Comment from : Mariyam Reesha

Ilse Kriek
Loved the workout!!!!!
Comment from : Ilse Kriek

Josefin Herrala
Whoh! Workout complete :D Thank you for a great channel.
Comment from : Josefin Herrala

Erika chavez
The jump squat I turned them into sit ups
Comment from : Erika chavez

Black IS Beautiful
Man, that was a killer workout!
Comment from : Black IS Beautiful

Emily K
This was a nice change of pace. I've been doing opposite hiit/pilates days. I liked the combo and good pacing!
Comment from : Emily K

Cooking Lessons for Dad
Thanks again!
Comment from : Cooking Lessons for Dad

V.Rivera Rivera
Thank you!
And I do like the timer it helps me.

Comment from : V.Rivera Rivera

I can't believe I found this one not so difficult at alll. Infact I found it easy and relaxing. Man!!! I have progressed 😎
Comment from : C D

Leanne Barrows
Just came across video and it's fab!
Comment from : Leanne Barrows

Angie Schneider
Comment from : Angie Schneider

I’ve quickly discovered that Pilates + cardio workouts are my favorite!
Comment from : Ana

Deniz Can Bakkalcı
I had stopped exercising for a while and this was a great workout to start back on Fitnessblender! Thanks a lot for this. On the second round I tried the pilates parts with ankle weights, it made it a lot more challenging.
Comment from : Deniz Can Bakkalcı

Alina Muresan
Thank you, guys! This workout is amazing!
Comment from : Alina Muresan

Jeane Arruda
Comment from : Jeane Arruda

Chanel Allen
Those high knees are always a killer. I haven’t worked out in two weeks and cardio is always a good introduction back. I really enjoy this channel. You make fitness so accessible to everyone no matter where you are in your journey you can always find something that you can do!
Comment from : Chanel Allen

Dina Linkenhoker
Oh how do I love these workouts! Let me count the ways:
-You can find one for any time frame you have available. No more excuses!
-The white background is very Zen - no clutter to focus on and distract you.
-They do not look like they were recorded 80 years ago.
-They are fast-becoming my "Goldilocks" workouts - not too easy and not too tough.
-Easy to modify.
-Many new moves mixed in with a few old standbys.
-Deceptive - you will know the next day that you got a good workout.
-A positive, encouraging instructor without the "cheesiness" factor. You will feel like you are working out with one of your friends.
-Finally, they are FREE!!!
Thank you so very much!

Comment from : Dina Linkenhoker

Olesya Stegura
This is awesome! Thank u sooo much!
Comment from : Olesya Stegura

Kelly Blankenship
Good change of pace. Probably be sore tomorrow because of different stabilizer muscles
Comment from : Kelly Blankenship

Ameenah Kaplan
Great workout Kelly!
Comment from : Ameenah Kaplan

Hildegarde's Noviciate
where can I get that timer she is using?
Comment from : Hildegarde's Noviciate

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