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45-Minute Cardio Pilates Total Body Workout

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Information 45-Minute Cardio Pilates Total Body Workout

Title :  45-Minute Cardio Pilates Total Body Workout
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Frames 45-Minute Cardio Pilates Total Body Workout

Description 45-Minute Cardio Pilates Total Body Workout

Comments 45-Minute Cardio Pilates Total Body Workout

Astrid Sullivan
I stopped doing pilates a long time ago and started doing more higher intensity stuff, but goddamn this was a great workout! Will be returning to this again!
Comment from : Astrid Sullivan

Sue Kaser
Wow! I feel like I've worked every muscle in my body! What a challenge for me! Great workout :)
Comment from : Sue Kaser

Настя Немых
I had a very lazy day, so I chose an easy one training (as it seemed to me), but oooh god!! This one was really hard, even though I try to train every day with the help of DIFFERENT videos from the channel. I did it up to the end, but far from perfectly. Definitely going to repeat it until I like the way I do it.
Comment from : Настя Немых

Kayla Da Silva
killed me.
Comment from : Kayla Da Silva

Tsela Barr
great workout overall! However I often found my neck really hurting alot...not sure what's going on. I had to just stop for awhile or alter the exercise so my neck wasn't straining as much. Am I the only one with this issue?
Comment from : Tsela Barr

Sandy vdh
Please nring ASTRID SWAN and jeanette jenkins back as trainers and inlike that new dark girl. That was in a cardio toking video a 6 to 8 months ago..
Comment from : Sandy vdh

Tami Doncic
This was great but I didn't find it as difficult as they seem to be finding it in the video ahah maybe I wasn't trying hard enough?
Comment from : Tami Doncic

Daniela Perafan
Obvio que segui a la morena ...Mi madre ! entrene con Rock
Comment from : Daniela Perafan

Shiva Shirazi
Your soun is such awful😠😠😠
Comment from : Shiva Shirazi

Tiffany Grace Reyes
Wow this workout was intense but I really like it :D
Comment from : Tiffany Grace Reyes

Awesome G
OK I'll do this later... 😆..i needed something more serious burning workout.Been doing 25 mins yoga with Sanela but I feel like I need to step up now.I've gain some fats during this quarantine.😢

Update: I barely survived !😆..I will do this workout and yoga alternately. If I don't loose my extra weight in a month then I'm doomed 😕😆

Comment from : Awesome G

deadly nightshade
tried this and gave up after 11 minutes, 10/10 gonna try tomorrow again lmao
Comment from : deadly nightshade

Armelle Ngo
Comment from : Armelle Ngo

Woah after watching, I realised that I've been doing burpees wrongly since forever!!!
Comment from : BRIDGET HO

This was just what I needed and now im deadddddddddd
Comment from : DARILYN

Angélica Uzcátegui
Hi! Your workout is incredible. I have been doing it for 1 month, but my ankle hurts and I can do it now. ): You should have a workout for this situation. ):
Comment from : Angélica Uzcátegui

Katerine Gallego
I like the workout class, but it's annoying how much you talk!!
Comment from : Katerine Gallego

Andra Maguire
Brilliant pilates class !! Love it 😍
Please post more videos like this 🤸

Comment from : Andra Maguire

Paula Durán Soto
Comment from : Paula Durán Soto

This workout was amazing!! I'm in 💜
Comment from : hotgirlgee

Am I the only one whose gonna mention the girl in the back 😂
Comment from : SweetCupcake

Mimi Macias
This workouts are really good but they are just too fast for beginners to follow ! I wish they would slow down a little bit
Comment from : Mimi Macias

DJ Sazon
Comment from : DJ Sazon

Elizabeth Tracey
Good workout!!!!
Comment from : Elizabeth Tracey

Dana Mclemore
I REALLY wanted to do this workout, BUT ANNA is soooo annoying : REALLY? with all these "WOOs and OHHHs" as if the warmup is just Killing her. Wht a fucking joke.
It is obvious she does this so that other who are doing the workout and having trouble won't feel so bad.BUT It is OVER exaggerated.
I cannot do Popsugar videos ANY longer with her in them.
OH! Anna, I know that chair pose just knocked you out. Come on, fake bitch.
Where is JAKE???

Comment from : Dana Mclemore

This was great. Thank you!
Comment from : LikesandLoves

Mia Sun
It is a good workout apart from they talk too much, really distracting.
Comment from : Mia Sun

How many calories did this burn for y’all?
Comment from : Yikes

Rima Lamba
Really. Enjoyed working out
Comment from : Rima Lamba

Iris Xiaojuan Cui
I love Lisa so much! This is the third or forth time doing it and I can definitely see my improvement! I am so happy to see my body getting stronger and stronger every day along the process!!🤩🤩
Comment from : Iris Xiaojuan Cui

Alex T
Comment from : Alex T

I really need this workout. I am going to start today. I am so excited. I am 100% sure this workout help me for changing my body to good shape and losing weight. Thanks alot Lisa and Rachael.
Comment from : Desiree

Nursing with Professor B
Great workout! Great channel!
Comment from : Nursing with Professor B

Tamar Topoliansky
Amazing workout!!
Comment from : Tamar Topoliansky

Qiannan Wang
her back is showing this is a workout not useful
Comment from : Qiannan Wang

Can i use water bottles??
Comment from : まあ悪かった

Alicia W
Whew! Great workout! Thanks for getting my quarantined butt up in motion =P
Comment from : Alicia W

Kornelija Va
I cant understand why you say its pilates. But was really good! Thank you! 324 burn 😁 with pilates in 42min amazing result :D
Comment from : Kornelija Va

Despoina Kampouridou
How many calories does this burn in average? amazing workout btw :)
Comment from : Despoina Kampouridou

Jared Malone
As a full grown man, I found this workout to be extremely easy.
Comment from : Jared Malone

Anup Bansal
superb workout
Comment from : Anup Bansal

Rhiannon Archerelle
Whew! thankful for Rachel and the modifications! First workout... will be back for sure!
Comment from : Rhiannon Archerelle

Kim Young soo
I just do it for 2 days but I have a lot of changes
Of curs it's very hard but I like it 😘😘thank you so much

Comment from : Kim Young soo

I've been doing various popsugar exercise videos for months once I'd basically done all of Jillian Michaels videos and I can honestly say this is one of the most strenuous ones I've done from this channel: great mix of cardio and Pilates and I am incredibly sore. The instructions are clear and she counts for you and offers modifications and much appreciated words of encouragement. Highly recommend!
Comment from : mrmrwow

Mallory McWhirter
Great full body Pilates core focused workout. More about strength and coordination, rather than a super hyped heart rate.
Comment from : Mallory McWhirter

seymore scagnetti
Would be a lot better without all the distracting chatter.
Comment from : seymore scagnetti

I was not ready for this one o.O
Comment from : prazanautobus

laura virgili
lesson is nice but too much work out on knees, pilates should be gentle on knees, it is often used to recuperate knees injuries
Comment from : laura virgili

Jamie Anderson
this looked so easy to me but man did it kill my butt and shoulders!!
Comment from : Jamie Anderson

Teresa Grande
So challenging! Love!
Comment from : Teresa Grande

This amazing! Love it💜💜
Comment from : Hilary

Midouze Traveller
You should call this video « this is NOT Pilates » this is a good fitness workout yes but it has definitly nothing to do with Pilates
Comment from : Midouze Traveller

Natalia Vargas Estrada
I am pretty sure Amnesty International would consider this as torture
Comment from : Natalia Vargas Estrada

Yoga with Danica
Please have her on more! Also REALLY loving the 45 minute workouts especially during this lockdown. Lisa seems very smart and this workout is no joke! I’m so proud of myself for finishing this one & her other one on here 3-4 times a week!! More more!! 💙
Comment from : Yoga with Danica

Christine Guan
Love love this
Comment from : Christine Guan

Zenia Sajid
1 day down.... No mercy💦🔥💦
Comment from : Zenia Sajid

Lisa Marie
This is a great workout! During the pandemic, I am doing this three times a week and it is phenomenal for keeping me in shape.
Comment from : Lisa Marie

Nice Workout but very hard ! best fitness channel thank you ;)
Comment from : Becreative

Comment from : Carla

Akane E.
Work out as if it's the cure for Covid-19!
Comment from : Akane E.

Jack Trentman
GREAT full-body Pilates workout during this COVID-19 isolation period! I’ve done a few online and this is the best so far,
Comment from : Jack Trentman

Kristina M
perfect workout circuit!
Comment from : Kristina M

sri utami
thanks so much. Daily pilates during work from home.:)
Comment from : sri utami

Laura Quintero
gonna seize this coronavirus time for something worth it
1st day working out, let's get it

Comment from : Laura Quintero

Kelsey Cicirelli
Awesome workout! I did a lot of the modifications, but my goal is to do all of the "full" moves eventually.
Comment from : Kelsey Cicirelli

Pilates with Go Chlo
Such a good workout! I love amping up my Pilates into a cardio workout! Loved it!
Comment from : Pilates with Go Chlo

Lanya Ali
So my mom and I have to get back on the shape before summer and we’ll start doing this workout just tomorrow ☺️
I’ll update everyday 🥰

Day one: ✅ ugh girls are you gonna kill me that’s %1000 harder than u see but I never give up 🌚

Comment from : Lanya Ali

reba middleton
Loved it
Comment from : reba middleton

One Sotheby’s International Realty: Kadianne thomas
Loved this pilates workout. I felt the burn the entire workout.
Comment from : One Sotheby’s International Realty: Kadianne thomas

Maria Gunther
This was a killer workout...45 minutes flew by!! Loved it!
Comment from : Maria Gunther

This is indeed effective Pilates workout for home when gyms are shut due to lockdown.👌
Comment from : Shivani

fauza mansoor
not recomended for people with knee problem.too much hopping and squating
Comment from : fauza mansoor

fauza mansoor
cant manage the up and down chair pose.with knee problem
Comment from : fauza mansoor

fauza mansoor
kindly let us know what count you are counting.is it 20 each rep
Comment from : fauza mansoor

fauza mansoor
Comment from : fauza mansoor

Rawan Theodory
super video !!!
Comment from : Rawan Theodory

Killer workout!
Comment from : MakeupByDiana529

Step Fabian Kühn
Sorry, but this one they call a teacher doesn't have the slightest idea of ​​what she's doing ... crazy, unresponsive.
Please study before publishing a video.

Comment from : Step Fabian Kühn

Step Fabian Kühn
Before publishing a video, please study how to execute it .. absurd amount of errors.

Comment from : Step Fabian Kühn

Ludmila Mocreac
Awesome class! Thank you!
Comment from : Ludmila Mocreac

Scimmia LaRatta
Wonderful workout! I wish every Mat Pilates could be like yours.
Comment from : Scimmia LaRatta

Sofia Valerin
I love it.... hi from costa rica
Comment from : Sofia Valerin

Me encanta éste workout. Siempre que lo hago me desafía!!!
Comment from : Camila

Carlijn Heijink
This one is the best!!
Comment from : Carlijn Heijink

Leigh Carroll
I'm in good shape and got a decent sweat and burn from this video. Recommend!
Comment from : Leigh Carroll

Mildred Farmington
Thank you! Super hard workout but still respectful of proper technique and safety. I have probably done it six to eight times in the last three months, and it is finally getting a little bit easier. Thank you for this super comprehensive, safe, but extremely challenging workout!
Comment from : Mildred Farmington

Katica Lázár
oh man, I really feel my arms. That's where I need more strength so thank you, I'm a huge fan!
Comment from : Katica Lázár

Just done this and literally want to throw up
Comment from : rosiestewart21190

Lauren Jane Lloyd
Loved and did the entire thing EXCEPT for the burpees. Skipped right on by them. Were they really necessary? I hate them so much and refuse to do them if I’m going to exercise regularly and actually enjoy and be consistent with it.
Comment from : Lauren Jane Lloyd

Collete Presley
My body has been really tight and achy lately. Yoga's not usually my jam because I lean toward the high-intensity stuff. So, I've tried a few pilates instructors out and I got to say Lisa Corsello is the jam! I don't know how to express how much better I feel after doing this. I love all of the active stretches and pulsing- I got a good stretching session and I feel like a got my cardio in as well.
Comment from : Collete Presley

Collete Presley
My body has been really tight and achy lately. Yoga's not usually my jam because I lean toward the high-intensity stuff. So, I've tried a few pilates instructors out and I got to say Lisa Corsello is the jam! I don't know how to express how much better I feel after doing this. I love all of the active stretches and pulsing- I got a good stretching session and I feel like a got my cardio in as well.
Comment from : Collete Presley

Jennifer Medley
WOW! Great workout. Saw stars during the burpees 🤪
Comment from : Jennifer Medley

Caroline Pamboukas
Burns so good!! Loved this workout!!!
Comment from : Caroline Pamboukas

omg hardest workout!! loved it!
Comment from : Rachl9999

Cheryl Van Dyke
PHENOMENAL workout. She is one of the best instructors on your channel so far. She gives great instruction, is not over the top like a cheerleader yet keeps you motivated. And Rachel was the best. She kept with the modifications the whole time which you don't see often.
Comment from : Cheryl Van Dyke

Cosmo WJSN
Oh my good lord, this was absolutely brutal 😩
Comment from : Cosmo WJSN

Britta Hensel
This is an excellent workout! The instructor is knowledgeable and professional, and her prompts were well times. Her energy is well matched to this video. The mix of challenge and modifications were appreciated. Thank you! My recommendation is to mirror in the video rather than demonstrate the side that is being worked out.
Comment from : Britta Hensel

Mireille Pransky
Comment from : Mireille Pransky

Jennifer De La Cruz
Anna talks way too much, it’s really stupid and distracting
Comment from : Jennifer De La Cruz

Megan Seay
I work out a lot, but my butt hasn't been this sore in a LONG time!
Comment from : Megan Seay

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