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How Long Does It Take To See The Benefits of Pilates?

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Information How Long Does It Take To See The Benefits of Pilates?

Title :  How Long Does It Take To See The Benefits of Pilates?
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Frames How Long Does It Take To See The Benefits of Pilates?

Description How Long Does It Take To See The Benefits of Pilates?

Comments How Long Does It Take To See The Benefits of Pilates?

Vanessa Ledesma
i’m 21 and i’ve always loved doing pilates and honestly i feel a difference after a week!! i feel stronger and it gets easier... it’s always good to push yourself but if you need time go slow and i promise you feel better and see a change in your posture
Comment from : Vanessa Ledesma

I wouldn’t mind doing Pilates but it’s so bloody expense. For 4 pirates session it’s £120 for 4 sessions 😱😱😱😱
Comment from : vhira

Brandon Eier
Not very positive. My clients have had felt results after one practice session. My beginners once a week, within 10-13 weeks mentally and physically showed massive results. People just don't answer the actual question. If this was a sales pitch it wasn't good. Sorry
Comment from : Brandon Eier

You guys need mics on yourself to minimize the terrible echo in there.
Comment from : Kateydid18

P. Bjork
I’m so happy that I’m finally doing this. I’m currently taking 3 classes a week I feel amazing! 3 weeks into it now. I used to have a personal trainer and I used to always feel burnt out afterwards, with Pilates I feel great always! Looking forward to seeing the amazing results!
Comment from : P. Bjork

marali san
I already do Pilates on a regular basis.
Comment from : marali san

Faerie System
should you just do one 30 minute workout a day or should you do multiple videos a day (1-2 hours)?
Comment from : Faerie System

I love Pilates!! I do it almost every day. After I had my first baby, I continued doing Pilates and I was leaner after having a baby than before! It works:)
Comment from : k111111t

sonia c.
pilates is AMAZING
Comment from : sonia c.

I've been doing Pilates along with Insanity.... at the same time on my xbox fitness oh my goodness... sometimes I have too stop! I did my pilates going on day 4 I work out 30 to 40 minutes a day... I really hope I will lose all the weight I want too :(
Comment from : MusicIsLife

Im about to start doing Pilates! 
Comment from : TheSnowFoxParty

Cannington Pilates
Thanks for sharing this wonderful video! Just like Joseph Pilates himself said; In 10 sessions you will feel a difference, in 20 you will see a difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body. I think all you need is patience and you will see the results in no time.
Comment from : Cannington Pilates

great thanks. and im already a long sub of yours!!
Comment from : afrprincess07

Hanneke Antonelli
Hi, I would suggest going to an instructor who has experience teaching on reformers... Teachers will often mimic reformer moves in Pilates mat classes. Else subscribe to my channel and I'll post a few moves up there you can try.
Comment from : Hanneke Antonelli

Sarah, i want to try reformer classes but cant afford too. Is their anything you could suggest?
Comment from : afrprincess07

totally love your feet
Comment from : mrrandy1

Sarah you look great as usual! <3
Comment from : swazzleberry

Violet Valentina
I always wondered when I'd see results. Thanks!
Comment from : Violet Valentina

Jenni Guillemette
Oh Sarah like your top! Very pretty where did you get it?? and great video btw :)
Comment from : Jenni Guillemette

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