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No Equipment Needed! Pilates For Beginners | The Zoe Report By Rachel Zoe

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Information No Equipment Needed! Pilates For Beginners | The Zoe Report By Rachel Zoe

Title :  No Equipment Needed! Pilates For Beginners | The Zoe Report By Rachel Zoe
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Frames No Equipment Needed! Pilates For Beginners | The Zoe Report By Rachel Zoe

Description No Equipment Needed! Pilates For Beginners | The Zoe Report By Rachel Zoe

Comments No Equipment Needed! Pilates For Beginners | The Zoe Report By Rachel Zoe

Shout out to all the comments saying this isn't for beginners. Now I don't feel so bad for failing it LOL.
Comment from : 月島亜利矢

I liked this video over other pilates videos I've seen. I already know how to modify the movements like push ups, so when you give the modification for pilates it really helps. Pilates in general will be painful for someone who doesn't have their core muscles trained like me. I haven't found a pilates workout where my legs aren't burning or my abdominal muscles. If someone is looking for a fundamental basics try the blogilates video then try this one.
Comment from : Neryssa111

lara mae
I'm here to see what pilates look like because of blackpink lisa
Comment from : lara mae

Josefina Guzman
Really?? for beginners?? 👎🏼
Comment from : Josefina Guzman

I tried this, well I did the start except for the pushup. I incorporated my own moves mostly and after ca 15 min with some pauses I felt like puking.
Comment from : Brain

Junk Mail
This is NOT a beginner video. Simple moves? Yes. Beginner? No.
Comment from : Junk Mail

Henali Patel
Really liked the worked! I can feel my legs burning.
Comment from : Henali Patel

Alicia Grassby
This is quite painful, my legs got achey and crampy.
Comment from : Alicia Grassby

All Raeiigh
I’ve been doing this along with other workouts for two weeks now, I’m in love
Comment from : All Raeiigh

I got curious of PILATES cuz of Queen Lisa 😁

Harry McQuade
Comment from : Harry McQuade

Merle Dayton
Me too 🇨🇦
Comment from : Merle Dayton

Elizabeth Colston
Really slow and boring. 🥱
Comment from : Elizabeth Colston

ari rosiana
It seems hard to do 🙃
Comment from : ari rosiana

Cullen incorporated
This isnt for beginners lol
Comment from : Cullen incorporated

I'm here because Lisa told us on Youth with You that she does Pilate's😂😂
Comment from : Rania

Tâmara Rocha
If it is for beginners, imagine if The advance one.....
Comment from : Tâmara Rocha

Carol Crous
this is definitely not for beginners
Comment from : Carol Crous

Noelle Jackson
my body gave out less than a minute in.
am i that out of shape, or is this not beginner-friendly? 😂😂

Comment from : Noelle Jackson

Frida Lopez
I'm new and I really want to do pilates but I'm not sure if its good for me the thing is I have back problems so I don't know what type of exercise is good for me any suggestions
Comment from : Frida Lopez

Priya Jagday
Its to difficult for as beginner . But i want to do but how its difficult .😣
Comment from : Priya Jagday

Braedyn Hunt
my teacher sent me here
Comment from : Braedyn Hunt

•Priñcešşe Gãchą•
Tres Fatigant
Comment from : •Priñcešşe Gãchą•

Tilly Booth-Farmer
How does one 'activate the abs'?
Comment from : Tilly Booth-Farmer

Mari Van Deventer
very boring and not a proper pilates workout
Comment from : Mari Van Deventer

Lana Governal
This was super helpful! Thanks! I’m a beginner and I found this as a very good workout. I can feel it!
Comment from : Lana Governal

I'm here cause lisa said she do pilates everyday and dance but also i will dance
Comment from : BANNANA'S TIK TOK

Gea Venise De Lemon
Damn I can’t even do a push up
Comment from : Gea Venise De Lemon

Cinthya Yunuen
how does she stay so calm cool and collected? lol meanwhile I'm sweating up a storm with my shake noodle legs haha
Comment from : Cinthya Yunuen

Sacrifice Riego
Im here because of Lisa she said shes doing pilates so here I am HAHAHAHA
Comment from : Sacrifice Riego

I came here because of the quarantine
Comment from : INTAN AINI ASHLAH

First a last time.
Sorry. This is not for beginners.
I have done Pilates for long time.

Change the time hot Pilates or what really is..
Too long reps. Good though bit not for beginners

Comment from : Metodisea

Zeynep Aydogdu
I am wondering if our back should touch the ground or not?
Comment from : Zeynep Aydogdu

Aliya Dagadas
I cant do even 1 push up
Comment from : Aliya Dagadas

Comment from : A M

Tilly_ Who_123
Comment from : Tilly_ Who_123

Eya Chaal
Are we surerhis is for beginners ..
Comment from : Eya Chaal

Tomon Jet
Whose here again becaus oF lisa
Comment from : Tomon Jet

Talida C
I did like the exercises themselves, but I would advise either changing the title of the video or the pace. At this speed and complexity, this is not a beginner routine. Also, a beginner needs a more detailed explanation of the movements so they learn how to perform them correctly. If one is too busy trying to keep up the pace with you, the form will be compromised. Lastly, I wish you had added post routine stretches.
Comment from : Talida C

Asia Zdanowicz
Definately not for begginers :(
Comment from : Asia Zdanowicz

Katanya Jason
Pushups? For beginners?
Comment from : Katanya Jason

khushi rawat
Who's here because of quarantine
Comment from : khushi rawat

DEFINITELY not for beginners. I’ve been doing Pilates and yoga for awhile and this was a burn but way too fast and not enough emphasis on breathing or time to switch/breathe/stretch between movements. I couldn’t keep up
Also there should be a warm up/cool down!

Comment from : Christiangirl727

This worked out my privates.
Comment from : FemBot

This is not for beginners, sorry. Way too fast, no breathing, no rests, no explanations about keeping the core tight etc.
Comment from : nickisuhl

Mihaela Ciornea
Looks so easy, but it's sooo hard especially for a beginner. Hope I can find the motivation to continue
Comment from : Mihaela Ciornea

Kurt Krienke
no offense but your push ups need a lot of work.
Comment from : Kurt Krienke

BeauTEAful You
How the hell is this for beginners? I can't even do a push up. Come on girl.
Comment from : BeauTEAful You

Eckle Alie
There should be classes shown for those who are just starting out and are not as flexible.
Comment from : Eckle Alie

Carol Goode
Just what I was looking for !! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💋Awesome..
I will follow you!👍🏼😊

Comment from : Carol Goode

Chris Ian
Isn't her form of doing pushups terrible?
Comment from : Chris Ian

Henry Wilson
Beginners!! I’m a 16st, 6ft 3 bloke with the worst flexibility known in history! This...this video!! I’m pretty sure has dislocated both hips 😂
Did it though. Was pretty good. But hurt!

Comment from : Henry Wilson

De Evolve
Excellent volume levels. A pleasure to listen to. (Nice soft low background volume) Not sure this is for beginners though.
Comment from : De Evolve

what activating your abs means?
Comment from : MantraaMugdha

This isn't Pilates, just a bunch of random exercises. If anyone wants to learn real Pilates, go to Pilatesology.com or visit their YT channel.
Comment from : Gra

Gauris Fitness Mantra Healthy lifestyle
Awesome workout :)
Comment from : Gauris Fitness Mantra Healthy lifestyle

Violet V
Beginner!!!! Are u serious!! Full push up
Comment from : Violet V

black guanábana
They're good, but I would lower them down to 15 for beginners. If it gets easier after some time, go up to 25 (for example).
Comment from : black guanábana

I feel pain in my side thighs 😭😭😭 cannot do this
Comment from : sweetphan

marietta gartner
I'm in my early 60 s and exercised for 40 years!There should be a statement of: "do half only for beginners!" Also, do them slower or remove the idea of BEGINNERS- otherwise I loved it
Comment from : marietta gartner

Jennifer Lapointe
As a beginner the glute and thigh workouts were very painful for me and I could not complete them in sequence... I found that alternating the legs more often helps. For example, do the bicycle with the right leg in one direction, then the left leg in that direction, THEN change direction on the right leg, then change direction on the left. Same thing on the leg lifts... I do 30 on the right leg, switch sides and do 30 on the left leg, THEN I do just the back and pulse on the right leg and then switch to do the back and pulse with the left leg. Maybe eventually I will be able to do them without switching so often but I will need some time to work up to it :)
Comment from : Jennifer Lapointe

Shanta Hsieh
Just go to Unflexal webworkouts if you'd like to learn how to workouts correctly.
Comment from : Shanta Hsieh

Evalina César Cassule
this is pilates?!? what about the respiration?!?
Comment from : Evalina César Cassule

Too fast. This is not for beginners but looks like a great workout.
Comment from : AstroBetaSirius

this was brutal! i'll keep coming back for more though
Comment from : squ

Generalista Jenny Lee
Amy you are the very best - your training videos are beyond! What a burn! every time!
Comment from : Generalista Jenny Lee

bianca rosse
How is this beginner? My definition must be very different then others.
Comment from : bianca rosse

Ragnhild A
Love it! I wish they came up with some sort of "warming up" before the exercises. I've pulled so many muscles😅
Comment from : Ragnhild A

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