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BEST Workout Clothes & Leggings EVER | SALE & REVIEW

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Information BEST Workout Clothes & Leggings EVER | SALE & REVIEW

Title :  BEST Workout Clothes & Leggings EVER | SALE & REVIEW
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Frames BEST Workout Clothes & Leggings EVER | SALE & REVIEW

Description BEST Workout Clothes & Leggings EVER | SALE & REVIEW

Comments BEST Workout Clothes & Leggings EVER | SALE & REVIEW

Chloe Ting
LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS! Ask me here! It can be about their other items or how much discounts on those items.
Comment from : Chloe Ting

Naomi Cherie
could we have a 2020 update!
Comment from : Naomi Cherie

I have a weird question but what panties to you guys use? My butt is growing bigger and now my butt is sectioned in two because of my panties and it looks stupid
Comment from : Makemeginger

Jagna Wear
No1 fitness leggings : www.jagnawear.com
Comment from : Jagna Wear

What workout mat do you use? Love your videos!
Comment from : travelfarstayclose

Kate G.
I work out with my scrub suit 😁
Comment from : Kate G.

You can simply find much cheaper and more beautiful on Amazon like this fitness bra what I bought myself for not so high price: @t
Comment from : Mr_FIT PRO

Agnes M
Don't miss the cute booty leggings sale. It's almost over.
Comment from : Agnes M

Comment from : μ†‘ν˜•μ€€λ‚¨νŽΈ

Lily Lee
Love these fitness outfits, looks very comfortable to workout inπŸ€”β€οΈ
Comment from : Lily Lee

Natalia Stornello
My faves are the wunder under leggings from Lululemon!
Comment from : Natalia Stornello

Leona Wear
😍 J'aime beaucoup !
Comment from : Leona Wear

Billion Beauty
Number 7 is too big for you πŸ˜… itβ€˜s loose on your ankles and on your feminine parts
Comment from : Billion Beauty

wait why arent some good for yoga??
Comment from : sarmeili

I have never seen a single video of a girl that is actually standing up straight so that we can actually see how the body looks. everyone is always doing weird poses and sticking out their hips and sticking out a leg.
Comment from : C M

rat cum
I just workout on my pajamas lolol
Comment from : rat cum

I love the look of the Vital Seamless Leggings (#6) <3
Comment from : TT

Nemira V.
I ordered last week from gymshark, and i already got them. Im soo happy that i made desicion like that. They are soo comfyy and looks so nice!
Comment from : Nemira V.

Saffron Ellis
I’m selling some Black Friday gymshark items on my channel πŸ’›
Comment from : Saffron Ellis

Wouterus Frantzen
Comment from : Wouterus Frantzen

Hi, for some reason the flex leggings are only marked at 30% off. Is this normal?
Comment from : Anna

Riot Lily 22
I live in China how can I buy them
Comment from : Riot Lily 22

Aarooj Asif
I know this has nothing to do with the video but I have to ask....how do engage my core while exercising like I don’t know if if doing it or not
Comment from : Aarooj Asif

Haritha Matta
Ma'am could you please upload a video of upper tummy fat burning workouts. Thank you.
Comment from : Haritha Matta

Jesica Mata
Thank you Chloe I always use your link for this sale, because I love ur work outs I’m always sore the next day I’ve been following them for long time now thank you for keeping me motivated πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
Comment from : Jesica Mata

Hi! I was wondering how tall are you? For leggings length reference! Thanks love~
Comment from : Joey

Paige Mathieson
Okay Chloe I have a question! You’ve helped me lose a lot of weight but I never can keep going without a plan and I’m always to lazy to make one, so I’m thinking of doing your 8 week summer shredding challenge (even though it’s winter lmao) and I’m just wondering if it’ll help me lose all my weight in 8 weeks or should I try something harder?
Comment from : Paige Mathieson

fedoua rf
You'r hair look so healthy did you start some treatment?
Comment from : fedoua rf

Can u plz make a workout schedule like the summer one like legs one day and abs the next day cause I’m stuck on what to do
Comment from : Rockiesrocket

Victoria Cerchez
Whats the link FOR the first flex leggings?

Comment from : Victoria Cerchez

Nik Nadiya Farisha
How tall are you? Im pretty short so i cant decide if I should go for the cropped leggings to get the look of a normal length one. So freakin excited for the Gymshark sale!!
Comment from : Nik Nadiya Farisha

shabika zehra
Hello dear .I am following your 10 min abs workout.plzπŸ™tell me how many set I do ??? for get a flate Stomach just like you....
Comment from : shabika zehra

Mandy Le
I wish they have petite size :( I’m 4”11 so the leggings gna be so long for me
Comment from : Mandy Le

Varaporn Krut
I wish i could order them to thailand, ToT , import tax will rob me
Comment from : Varaporn Krut

Alicia Montoya
I love you and your videos girl! I'm definitely getting some LOL
Comment from : Alicia Montoya

Elizabeth Hui
chloe i know youre on the petite side (how tall are you?), do you find any of the leggings to be too long?
Comment from : Elizabeth Hui

Mariasole Artioli
I live in France and every time I try to use your link doesn't work for me because I need to go through the french gymshark website .. isn't there a code that I can use to support you girl ? πŸ’ͺ
Comment from : Mariasole Artioli

Shar A
Hi Chloe! Do you know if any of the hoodies and the mini backpack will go on sale? Thanks
Comment from : Shar A

You have an explosive body of femininity like the hourglass
Comment from : pennywise

Jacqui P
gymshark's ombre sets are still my favourite. they're too pretty!
Comment from : Jacqui P

Ashli Le Blanc
The links don't work
Comment from : Ashli Le Blanc

Sirina Sanchez
Chloe: supporting Gymshark
Me: gets three ads on Fabletics just on this video
Me: what?

Comment from : Sirina Sanchez

qaib thai
i want to get you. lol. you so pretty!!
Comment from : qaib thai

Vivianne Rose Hunter
Hey Chloe, amazing video! I am looking forward to getting all of these. What size are you in the leggings?
Comment from : Vivianne Rose Hunter

wen dy
Everything is perfect on u
Comment from : wen dy

Hannah xu
I love them!!! i am wondering what size you wear? I never buy gymshark before, how's their size?
Comment from : Hannah xu

I am a Lululemon fanatic and have yet to find another brand that can compare, but have been curious to try Gymshark πŸ€” thanks for the helpful comparison!!!
Comment from : DenimAndLeather

Any comments on fit and softness on their loose bottoms? Particularly the ones I'm looking at are the "comfy tracksuit bottoms" and "high waisted joggers"! I'm not sure what it is but whenever I buy and wear sweatpants, they have no form and are just burrito leggings, but when other people wear them they look so cute and effortless πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Comment from : Kataphrakt

A Perfect Day
You have love handles?
No, that is impossible, you look slim and well trained.
I understand why the are you favourites. They ook Absolutely Amazing on you.
A cuddle for you πŸ€— and Happy Black Friday next week. ❀

Comment from : A Perfect Day

Casey W.
Can someone tell me what "squat proof" means? Yeah, Im clueless. 😜
Comment from : Casey W.

nagashree K N Nagashree
hiii am ua new subscriber...my height is 5.5 and weight s 65kg ...i do workout daily morning...am loosing my body size bt nt weight... so can u help me to reduce my weight...
Comment from : nagashree K N Nagashree

Comment from : Kazuya MASUDA

Are the amplify seamless leggings see through or they completely cover everything? I love the white ones so much but I'm a bit worried about that.
Comment from : TheBirdMaster

amna ali
Oh my goodness!! I soooo need this i literally workout in my pajamas 80% of the time ( no judgement please πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’”)
Comment from : amna ali

Hi Chloe! Thanks for another super duper informative video, you look so stunning im every outfit, your peach is goals 😍❀ Love you queen, I hope you're well & stay strong as always!
Comment from : Roselyne

A Che
I just made an order last week 😫😫
Comment from : A Che

Arena Thao
Hi Chloe, what size do you wear? Love your review ❀️
Comment from : Arena Thao

Juan Venegas Gallegos
Chloe estas entera de rica 😘😘😘 muy muy rica .....mantente así pareces una muñeca Barbie
Comment from : Juan Venegas Gallegos

cake choco
I am 5ft'1 and 40. But i look way more chubby than u...why is this???😒 u neverrrr reply😒😒😒
Comment from : cake choco

Comment from : Shuyuanγ—γ‚…γ€œγ‚„γ‚“

i always love when you have workout clothing reviews (as a fellow short girl) hehe LOVE YOU GURL <3
Comment from : everythinghannah

MaiZol Ram
I'm also pretty short like 5'2 and just wondering in terms of the length, is it gonna be too long and look weird? Ta.
Comment from : MaiZol Ram

Claudio holanda teles
Uh Lala i love baby
Comment from : Claudio holanda teles

What do you think of wearing shorts when working out? I find that wearing leggings makes me sweat quicker (ofc)
Comment from : Girlsroxy

Ivan Borrego
You sooooooooooo beautiful πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β£οΈβ£οΈ
Comment from : Ivan Borrego

Comment from : Ω‚Ψ²ΩˆΩ…Ω‡ ΩΩŠΩƒΩ‡

Alicia Ng
Omg!! 😍😍😍
Comment from : Alicia Ng

Christie Ch'ng
I love you so much Chloe!! Thank you for this fitness wear video!! I was looking for some new gear ❀
Comment from : Christie Ch'ng

Quynh Le
Love you so much😍😍😍😍😍
Comment from : Quynh Le

I loved them all on uπŸ’•πŸ‘
Comment from : MOHH AMMEDZ

Amanda Peterson
Chloe the links to the 70 or 50% off isn't working it says page can't be found...
edit: not until Monday Amanda calm down!
Sorry Chloe I was jumping the gun cuz I got too excited. Lol I filled my gym shark cart the other day and it was over $200 😧😱

Comment from : Amanda Peterson

GLO UP With me
50 th view
Comment from : GLO UP With me

aaa I'm so early today! :D
Comment from : ringsana

Niki Pea
we love a good activewear review :)
Comment from : Niki Pea

i just finished your full body workout and now another video? wow today’s a great day ❀️ tysm for working so hard!
Comment from : minqing

Your Favorite Russian YouTuber
Great video girl , greetings from a Russian athlete πŸ’ͺ
Comment from : Your Favorite Russian YouTuber

firoj sumon
You are the best
Comment from : firoj sumon

Mangel lower
my fav blogger ❀❀❀❀❀ can i do workouts every day with 1 cheat day ? and will i have result if i have only leg fat ?
Comment from : Mangel lower

firoj sumon
Comment from : firoj sumon

Muslim Kween
First and I love you girl πŸ₯°β€οΈ
Comment from : Muslim Kween

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